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HANDOVER Malawi Jan 2018: Mod Sol

Rhys O'Brien
Rhys O'Brien | Jan 26, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

The energy assessment teams in Malawi had been working on a small scale solar solution to address the issues of energy security. Blackouts can vary between ten minutes a day to eight hours of electricity in three days.

ModSol is a product that aims to improve the access to energy within Malawi through sustainable sources. So far, we have been testing a small scale solar product that can charge phones, reducing the need for community members to walk to barber shops and leave their phone there to be charged at a cost. The feedback has indicated that the villages utilise this but would be very happy if it was also able to improve the lighting situation they face, as they currently rely on batteries, kerosene and paraffins which are all mediocre and/or expensive sources of light.

Our business plan is attached, which we strongly encourage you to read and leave comments for ideas and improvements. However, we would also strongly recommend you read the attached impact assessment, as measuring and mitigating impacts to the best of our ability is crucial for the success of a business which hopes to be socially beneficial.

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