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Lautoka Workshops 25/01/18

Georgia | Jan 25, 2018 | in ARCHIVE: Social Consulting Fiji

Today was SoCon's first trip to Lautoka.

The area manager for SPBD, Vani, booked in two workshops from us today with the SME ladies. 

We had 18 ladies attend our first workshop at 1100 and 12 attend the afternoon workshop at 1400. It was a definite success for our first trip and workshop in the area and great to be able to make that ground for the Feb team to continue with.

The major successes of the day were:

  • Great audience participation and engagement which was more evenly distributed throughout both workshops
  • Bev, our team member who can speak Fijian, was able to assist several ladies with translation
  • Feedback was generally very positive
  • We were able to cut down on the time it took for registration, feedback and certificate presentation by making our processes more efficient - that is, presenting each certificate to the person after they have completed the survey rather than doing them separately
  • These workshops bring us up to just under $1000 revenue for the month

The major learnings of the day were:

  • The new version of the feedback form was still confusing for many women and still took too long
  • There was a misunderstanding about the price of the workshop: many women seemed to have been told by SPBD that it was only $10. We honored this price but obviously, this was unfortunate and something we need to clarify
  • The power was out for over half the first workshop so we could not use the projector, although luckily we had a whiteboard and so were able to mitigate this issue by using it.
  • When offering two workshops in one day it may be better to have the second flow on from the first so that way the numbers will improve

We plan to continue having workshops in Lautoka with SPBD in February and are hoping to lock in one day a week of workshops with Vani.

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