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Shortcode messaging the way of the future?

Jayden Daley
Jayden Daley | Jan 24, 2018 | in Health Consulting

Yesterday we had a meeting with a stakeholder, he brought along his intern Q. She introduced us to her shortcode program for maternity. The outcome from this was great for our project as it showed that adapting the Your. MD application to shortcode is very possible. Q talked us through the process of setting up a shortcode and how it actually works. Unique ideas can be created for each individual user making it possible to create a history book for users of our project.

Talking through the process of setting up a USSD, Q said the best way is to go through a company called Africas Talking, they have a large number of USSD numbers to rent out. However this company does not allow us to make any money. What it would allow us to do is test the product and if it works. From the data then gathered; we could go to a telecommunications company, such as Airtel, with these data points proving that X amount of people use our program. Discussions then would lead to commission and allowing this project to become viable. 

Ethan Carter 1 month ago

Take a fast look through your messages. Have you gotten any special SMS messages from 5 or 6-digit numbers? There are for the most part short codes! With the ascent of cell phones specifically, content or SMS short codes have turned out to be increasingly mainstream. By :

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AshleyBlossom 4 weeks ago

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Sorana Cirstea 2 weeks ago

It's basically a very good idea to work only if they implement it according to the plan. Despite gathering data from telecommunication companies it might be challenging to convince these companies or even they convinced them successfully them companies ask for a great ratio of commission. For now tons of students ask to write my essay about the future impact of these short messaging ways.

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