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Meeting with the Technical College of Fiji (Outside of Sigatoka)

Alex and I met with Sunil from the Technical College of Fiji. We gained an insight into the services offered by the technical college and gained a strong relationship with Sunil. Initially, he was not interested in the idea of having a 'business' school in his Technical college, however, once we explained that we were thinking about attaching the SoCon workshops as more of a secondary option in the Technical College, such as running a workshop on a Friday afternoon, he was much more interested. This conversation developed to us gaining contact with David, the national director for the technical college, who Alex and I are planning on meeting in Suva the next day. The relationship developed is healthy, and will pay tremendous dividends in the future. 

The way we pitched the workshop is that our values align with the mantra of "upskilling Fiji". A further post will be made regarding the outcome of the meeting today. When we are considering the PE wide opportunities of this project, there is a very small agricultural offering at the college, which is a chance for FarmEd in coming weeks. Also, they have a welding class, which could be used in the Buka Stove production supply chain. Lots of exciting things to come

Georgia Jan 25, 2018

So proud of how you guys organised this meeting and set up such a great potential partnership!

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