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For the purposes of understanding the supply chain of agriculture better, ag assessment has been conducting visits to restaurants, markets and supermarkets. The goal of visiting 50 chain participants is almost touchable at this point with only 14 to go!

We definitely found this activity very useful for understanding the relationship between participants better but there are still some areas left to explore.


The group designed a market survey form which was used for every single visit. This form was amended throughout the visits to allow for efficient data collection  and better data analysis. We found that majority of restaurants (97%) buy their produce exclusively from local markets.

The biggest two named were Comoro and Taibesi.


Some food was bought from supermarkets that was imported such as sauces and drinks. The majority's reason for this was  lack of availability of locally produced substitutes. Another category of food products bought from supermarkets was meats. Main reason for this was freshness. Supermarkets have the facilities to store meat to sell slowly.


It was great to see that so many users preferred to use local produce but that brings up the issue of availability and quantity.



One thing we did not focus on this month was what private consumers of agricultural produce look for. It would be useful for the next team to do a survey of private buyers of produce to see what they look for in price, quality or quantity.


We also have not had a look at where hotels which serve food buy their produce. We predict that it would not be all that different from restaurants’ purchasing habits but standards of quality might differ.


One other gap in the data collected is that it is focused in Dili area only. It will definitely be useful for the next group to look into the viability of going out to rural areas and examine their buying and selling habits.


Final week of project we’re hoping to smash through our goals and be prepared for July.


ps. Currently recruiting for ag assessment in Feb. Slide in the DMs if interested!!

Amber Johnston Jun 30, 2018

Status label added: Work Update