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Reorganisation of the drive and Handover

Today while most of SoCon was in Suva, i had the task of organising the drive and planning the handover. Throughout the past three weeks, we could tell that the December SoCon team had organised the drive through folder,guidebooks and videos. We greatly appreciate them, however as the month went on we realised that there were just too many documents in the SoCon drive. We discovered documents in the wrong folder and it took too long to find what we wanted and as well. To mitigate this, we combined folders that had only one document or were similar in content to make the drive more user friendly. For instance we combined planning and goals together.  It is too complicated to discuss all of the drive's new organisation in this, but we do plan to create a video that explains this all in the handover. 

Additionally, we also plan to formulate a timeline for the first week of February to ensure that the project will still be on track while the Feb team is still settling in. This may include any prebooked workshops, meetings to attend and stakeholders to call to maintain SoCon's relationship with the community. 

Another idea we had was to develop a storyboard or flowchart explaining where SoCon is at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb and how we got there from the beginning of Jan. This way hopefully, the Feb team will have a clear picture of the recent history of SoCon and the journey that we took to establish our current partnerships and contacts. The aim of this is to transfer the same drive and motivation that the current Jan team has for the project to the Feb team. 

Scott Jucius Jan 19, 2018

If January projects end on the 27th, and February projects start on the 29th, more than likely some members of both teams will be available on the 28th. Having team members from both months meet and discuss work would be more effective than using flow charts explaining where the project is at and providing that same motivation.

If this already happens then sweet, but if it doesn't is this due to getting February team leaders up to date on projects or simply because it's not an obligation for trekkers? And if this is the case, what's stopping trekkers from both months just meeting up.

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Courtney Daley Jan 19, 2018

Agreed. All trekkers are expected to be there a day early and so this would definitely be useful if possible. The issue is trekkers stay in a large variety of accommodations before hand and these accommodations are a long drive from the base.

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Alex Winiarski Jan 19, 2018

Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback - at this stage although there aren’t no confirmed plans for trekker overlap I have established an overlap period with the February team leader. Christina is arriving middle of week four and I will be with the team for the entire week 1 to ensure that SoCon continues to move forward at the current rate and stays on track with the longer term vision

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Scott Jucius Jan 20, 2018

Hey Alex, that's sweet to hear. My previous comment was rather about all projects not just social consulting, as I feel projects would significantly benefit from having trekkers learn about the previous months work from the people who did that work, not just from the handover documents and handover video (if the video is still made). Obviously a trekker overlap is rarely possible with projects normally month's apart, however January/February is one of those opportunities. With no projects occurring in country until July, February teams need to smash goals in order for the next team to successfully pick up the project later in the year, and an overlap would help get them up to speed. Not only would this help February teams, but January teams would spend less time on constructing handover documents and constantly trying to reorganise drives in an easy way to explain.

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Ciaran Hoare Jan 20, 2018

Alex are you holding a google hangouts between teams?

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Alex Winiarski Jan 20, 2018

yes planning on having one !

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Courtney Daley Jan 19, 2018

Thankyou! Sincerely- Feb Team. We really appreciate the little things like that which will make it so quick and easy to settle in!

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Georgia Jan 22, 2018

Looking forward to meeting the Feb team in our hangouts call tonight!!

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