Project Everest

FHEC (Fiji Higher Education Commission)

We met with the office of FHEC in an attempt to further understand the steps we would need to take in order to get our module accredited. From this, we gathered that we need to show appropriate documentation to register our business in Fiji (which will take 6 months) and then we can get our modules accredited. This is a lengthy process which is almost unnecessary to follow, despite MITT recognizing this as an extremely important step in our process towards gaining all importance in the field we are delving into. What we further discovered is that there is another option, which is gaining accreditation through an already established business, such as FNU. This has given us further incentive to delve into the partnership with FNU. Further exploration will be put into which business' are already established in the FHEC and try to leverage that partnership to gain accreditation. 

Georgia Jan 22, 2018

Wow you and Ciara are so in-sync!

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Ciara Fitzgerald Jan 22, 2018

keep grinding!

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