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Coming to an understanding with SPBD

Georgia | Jan 17, 2018 | in ARCHIVE: Social Consulting Fiji

Today (17/01/018) was our deadline to have the MOU signed by SPBD. This is because we have arranged a workshop trial with them this Friday 19/01/18 in Suva. 

We had not heard from them by this morning, so followed up and they sent back some small amendments to the MOU.We then sent them back a new copy and they said they agreed to those terms and were happy to go ahead and sign.

Currently, we are waiting on Jimmy to sign and stamp the MOU so SPBD is able to do the same. 

However, it's great to know that we are finally on the exact same page about what the terms of our agreement are and the signed MOU for 2018 is a great step for our relationship moving forward and for SoCon also because it will bring in a lot of people to our workshops and a lot of revenue for us.

In fact, this Friday SPBD has confirmed 25 people are coming!

Will keep you posted on the workshop this Friday. 

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