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Meeting with Fiji Development Bank (180116)

After receiving indication from previous meetings regarding the distribution of loans to SME’s, I investigated the process that Fiji Development Bank undergoes to issue the grants to individuals desiring the financial grant. I made a call to the bank, and spoke with Waisale, who I also met later, in conjunction with FarmEd’s POC and Field Dev team. Over the phone, he was very interested in the message that SoCon was presenting, as he shared the similar notions that the allocation of a grant must be accompanied with some mandatory training. In the meeting, both FarmEd and SoCon roused much interest from Waisale, and he had vested interest in provided a better option from Farmers, as well as provided education for people in positions of earning money. This meeting was concluded with myself and FarmEd handing over a document of what each of their companies can help FDB with. Waisale is interested and we are planning to pursue this contact as he has a large customer base and is passionate about the cause. We are waiting for his reply on the modules, and some contacts for agriculture.

Georgia Jan 16, 2018

Sick! Great work Adrian, looking forward to working on this together moving forward!

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