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Week 1 and a Green Thumbs up.

Zoe Cahill
Zoe Cahill | Jan 16, 2018 | in Knowledge Base


Today the Field Development team had a chance to reflect on their busy first week and the many successes and setbacks that it brought. After learning the ropes at our FarmEd/Agriculture induction we were able to plan our course of action at both Ranadi Plantation and our new demo plot in Sigatoka Village.


After a beautiful trip down to Ranadi we spent some time analysing the progress of the plot from the previous month. We collected data on how the crops were germinating, the amount of pests and diseases present, did some weeding and assessed the stability of the fences. We found that many of the crops had not germinated and showed signs of pests and disease. So we have come up with the following plan for our next visit.






-       Look into method to check on the crops that have not germinated

-       Identify pests and diseases on crops

-       Find a way that we can organically get rid of pests

-       Ensure we have a solid data collection system in place before next visit

-       Investigate ways that we can get more shade on the crops at the opposite end of the compost (as they are growing more slowly than the others)

-       Continue weeding

-       Make a higher mound around melon and cassava that act as living fence

-       Get rid of coconut husking

-       Collect weather data

-       Collect data of progress of crops

-       Ensure general maintenance of the plot

-       Prepare for potential re-planting of crops

-       Upload all photos and data collected

-       Action Plan for next visit

-       Document all data

-       Team up with PoC to analyse how this data collected and can be put towards the larger database.



With the focus of expansion being turned towards the Sigatoka plot this month it is highly important to ensure that all the work at Ranadi is still being maintained and observed, as it will continue to play a huge role in proving the concept of FarmEd. We would also love some input into ensuring that we don’t miss any opportunities with the Ranadi plot.


Our plan to commence working on the Sigatoka plot for two days last week unfortunately could not happen. However, we chose to view this as a blessing in disguise as it has given us more time to plan exactly what we are going to do in preparation for our launch tomorrow. We will do our initial assessments, bed mark-ups and orientation, ploughing, workout our drainage system, set-up greenhouse and compost heap and discuss options for our live fence of passionfruit and corn. The team is all prepped and ready to commence the intensive yet satisfying work on the plot and to start smashing our monthly goal.


Given the change of plans this week we were able to start planning the two workshops that will be conducted this month, one in Sigatoka and one in Keiyasi. With help and input from other teams we have started the initial groundwork necessary to complete a Return on Advertising and case study from these two workshops.


We love seeing the huge amount of progress being made across all the projects and hope that everyone is enjoying the hustle.


As we said before, we would love any feedback/suggestions so we can continue to smash out our monthly goals.






Liv Hendy Jan 17, 2018

Great work Fiji Team and your Fearless leader! Re: Ranandi Plantation and the building of the mounds, we are potentially facing a similar issue come the wet season at our secondary plot in Banteay Srei, we know that the initial issues around Ranandi were due to the fact the plot was dug slightly lower than ground level and ultimately was flooded. Has this risk been mitigated, if so regarding the trench system have you guys ideated some potential solutions regarding the sloping and drainage systems? We are currently ideating the development around irrigation and drainage that will occur during dry season but will need to be viable for wet season, would love to hear some blocks and successes you guys have had during the wet period!

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Mallory Dobner Jul 1, 2018

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