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Dillon | Jan 4, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Today the energy assesment team have made further steps towards creating our renewed ModSol prototype that uses solar energy as a way of powering portable electronics for Malawian commmunities. The technical aspects of the design have been refined to include waterproofing of the system using an enclosed weatherproof box that conceals the electrical components. However there are still issues surrounding methods to prevent possible deep discharge of the battery as well as finding solutions to restrict the passing of too much current into the battery used and therefore causing it to overheat. We are using a 10 watt solar panel with the need to ensure a lower cut off voltage setting of 10.5 v and a higher cut off voltage setting of 14.4 v. However, these are only figures found through secondary research and are still unsure if they are applicable to our model specifically. The solar panel is connected to a 12 volt lead acid battery. Are there any suggestions on how we could achieve this, any help is much appreciated!!!

Attached is a diagram of the current prototype. 

Ella Grier Jan 5, 2018

Awesome to see the work you guys have already done iterating on Decembers prototype and working on the issues identified from preliminary testing last month. I'm very excited to see how much progress this project has made already this summer.

Would love to see some input on this from any engineers within the PE community on this.

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Rhys O'Brien Jan 6, 2018

To the readers, this problem has been solved due to the hard work and willpower of the Malawi Energy '18 Team. A meeting with the local university, Polytechnic, was successful in finding an expert, Andrew Ndalama (sidenote: his name translates to Andrew Money, as if he wasn't enough of a legend already). Andrew was an outstanding help, drawing up a circuit for us and then even designing the circuit and parts list for us. This is a massive credit to the team, as without their desire to progress the prototype we would not have had the meeting with Andrew, and ultimately would not have solved the problem.
P.S. The trip to Polytechnic also introduced us to a potential stakeholder for the Agriculture Team, and gave us the opportunity to come back and deliver a presentation in the university to take on some interns!

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Nate/ Nathan Lucas Jan 8, 2018

This is awesome stuff! How are you planning to utilise the interns?

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Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

Status label added: Work Update

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Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

This project has changed focus to using off the shelf products to prove concept.

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