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Moving forward into 2018 - Health Team goals!

Emily Armstrong
Emily Armstrong | Jan 3, 2018 | in Health Consulting

The Malawi Health team has identified overall project goals to work towards throughout the month of January. The December team did an incredible job creating a research protocol to enable future Health Teams in Malawi to test the MVP, a learning cognitive app.


The 2017 December identified the need for raw data on the health status and system of Malawi. For this month the Health Team want to establish a foundation of data points that will be essential for any future health teams in Malawi. This includes identifying clinics to analyse data from, identify patients’ travel time, main diseases, health access, health expenditure etc.


The Health Team will be gathering these data points by visiting clinics, as well as collecting data points from the people of Blantyre from different demographics. This will help to identify their health situations and potential trends.


The Health Team, following advice from the previous month, will continue to investigate using Your.MD (a cognitive learning app which, at this moment, is our MVP). The Health Team will be testing the MVP’s marketability. This will be done through gauging the reaction to the app from the people of Blantyre, and the in the surrounding areas. The reactions to the MVP will be recorded from three different demographics to gain diverse perspectives and opinions of the use of MVP.  This will identify if this product is actually wanted and desired by the community.


The data collected over the month will help to ensure that no path is being travelled down without having the raw data from the people to ensure that the  the MVP is going to be able to be a positive impact on the health care system and that the MVP going to be received positively and trusted by the community.


The foundation of collected data will act as a strong foundation of information that other teams will be able to use in the future should the MVP not prove to not be feasible, there will be enough data points to pivot.


The January Health Team have made these the following goals:


1.     120 Data points from four different demographics

2.     Collect 30 data points from clinics.

3.     Collect 90 data points of reactions to the cognitive technology from three different demographics.


It will be a great month, with lots of hustle!

Alessanda Oliveri Jan 4, 2018

Good luck guys, can not wait to hear about the success this month will bring to the Health Assessment. I was wondering if you have chosen to test the Your.MD interface amongst children as one of the three demographics within the Blantyre community, with over 60% of Malawian's accessing clinics falling under the age of 18 (the NAYO Data from July 2016). I'm interested to see how this will correlate with the usability of the application and how well that demographic may pick up on the application. However, I understand this isn't necessarily possible when it comes to testing the applications accuracy within the clinic as the Your.MD application is not tailored to that demographic. Looking forward to hearing about your work over the next month :)

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Edan Baker Jan 4, 2018

The terminology in the goals is pretty broad, and although it has been expanded upon a bit in the post It'd be good to know what makes up these "data points". I assume some posts will be made soon about what will actually be looked at and how :)

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Emily Armstrong Jan 5, 2018

Yes I will do an update on the data points and how they are getting collected and what demographic the Health Team identified!

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Ella Grier Jan 5, 2018

I understand where you are coming from with this one Edan, but I believe there is a huge advantage in keeping it broad and still having that measurable aspect to the team's outcomes. Especially when you consider the potential of the project to pivot based on the outcome of the official research protocol, its important to have these three broad based perspectives.

I believe that where the specifics will lye is in the content of each data point ie. survey results for each person surveyed in the three different context defined by the goals. There is definitely flexibility there for the team to define and iterate on their own directions with regards to this. I think is awesome because having seen the ideas and the amount of thought already put into this by individuals on the current team, they have a lot of insight into how this will be best executed.

I think from here, we'd both love to see posts on the content of these data point - please tag us both when these go up.

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Ella Grier Jan 5, 2018

You have a massive month ahead of you with these goals but I am confident you will smash it. THE ABILITY TO MEASURE THESE IS AWESOME!
With the blocks the health team has previously faced regarding testing this technology within the healthcare system, I believe this is an awesome way to move forward.
It will allow the development of ideas involving different features that may be implemented in our own cognitive diagnostic app and simultaneously provide that basis from which future teams can pivot based on the outcome of the official health research protocol, set to be executed in Feb. It is really important to gauge the receptiveness of different demographics and trust that these respective populations have in the ability of this diagnostic tech to supplement accuracy/usability measurements when building out your value prop.

I'm really looking forward to seeing some crowdicity posts of the content these data points with respect to each goal and how they tie in to the bigger picture of where this project is going.
I'm also wondering about the plans you have to execute on 30 clinic data points as clinics tend to be spread apart and 30 is a huge number of relationships to build in one month. I believe with these points, it will also be important to do an assessment of offical Your.MD testing viability in conjunction with the survey you have planned so that the February team have a clear pathway to move forward with.
Lastly, I'd be interested to see what you are defining as a 'new' demographic, what these demographics look like and how you will decide on your four demographics in order to gain maximum insight.

Great work team!

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Samantha Fisher 2 months ago

The health team goals that you’ve have set here are useful for me, and the EASE magnesium review that I am writing currently. Setting these goals will help me achieve my target in a faster way, and that's exactly what I want.

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