Project Everest

SoCon is ready to take on 2018 !

Overview & Goals for January


Stage of Business:

Over the past month the December Team has made significant progress on the Social Consulting Venture. Having pivoted towards an educational model, SoCon to date has now delivered 5 successful workshops to approximately 23 different customers, generating $110 in revenue.


The project is currently floating between ideation, prototyping and testing in the Fijian market, with 4 Workshop Modules being developed through the Build, Measure, Learn (BML) Cycle.

 The Four Modules:

  • Design Thinking

  • How to Write a Business Plan

  • 7 P’s of Marketing

  • SME Strategy Workshop



Achieve a scalable model to educate and empower small/start up - medium sized businesses in Fiji.


Why? - Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 01: No Poverty

  • Through developing entrepreneurs and business knowledge, the Fijian population will be able to utilise economic opportunities

  • As businesses expand, so to does the labour force


 Goal 04: Quality Education

  • Providing an education which has practical applications and specific to empowerment in not only the local community but the international market place


Goal 5: Gender Equality

  • Creating a new attitude towards business through educational modules and delivery, we hold the power to shift the perception to equal opportunities



Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • Trough providing quality education in business we hope that we are able to provide opportunities for decent work and hence stimulate the Economic Growth in Fiji.


Potential End State

SoCon has a set of business education modules which are licensed (subscription fee) to primary education facilitators in Fiji, for example:

  • SPBD (South Pacific Business Development)

  • NCSMED (National Centre for Small and Micro-Enterprise Development)

  • Universities (Fiji National University)


How will we get there?

Stage One: Establish a quality set of Modules which are scalable and easily delivered by external providers. 


Stage Two: Gain accreditation and endorsement of Modules by key stakeholders to create a market of demand.


Stage Three: Develop a licensing structure of Modules to be delivered by key educational facilitators in Fiji on a subscription basis.


Primary Goals:

Goal 01 : Execute an MOU with a University and acquire 1 intern to co-run a workshop:

E.g. One intern specialising in facilitating ‘How to Write Business Model’

  1. Why:

    1. Increase quantity of workshops delivered to gain feedback and data points

    2. Accelerate the Build Measure Learn cycle and develop quality Workshop Modules

    3. Set foundations for scaling the workshops to be delivered in numerous locations all year round


  • The ability to have modules scaled and executed by external providers


Goal 02: Adapt and develop 5 key modules to a specific format that will allow for external providers (e.g. interns) to deliver with minimal training.

  1. Will set-up a Value Prop for Accreditation and Endorsement

  2. Will set foundations of a licenced module

  3. Will set foundations for the ability of Interns to run workshops all year round

  4. Will ensure that quality of workshops is not directly affected by the facilitator (reduces the need for facilitators to have extensive knowledge and experience in Business)


  • Collect feedback from intern on the running of workshops

  • Could A | B test with different structures of a module and ease of delivery compared to its direct effect on Customer Experience


Secondary Potential Goals:

  • Establish a Brand Identity of SoCon

    • New Name (No longer directly in consulting)

    • Logo

    • Culture & Values

  • Create user journeys of past customers and collect data:

    • 1 month, 3 month, 6 month

    • Did they execute on the module learnings

    • Did they talk about it with friends

    • Would they come again for a refresher at a discounted price? (may provide an opportunity for return customers e.g. First Aid needs to be refreshed every 3 years)

  • Research, document & analyse:

    • Potential Market Size of Fiji

    • Target Market of Fiji

    • Viability of developing product offerings to Larger enterprise models in Fiji

    • Business Methods currently being utilised by local Fiji Businesses

    • What is currently being offered in terms of Business Education in Fiji and how effective is it?

      • What is the current price point?

  • Explore a similar model to FarmEd where we could automate Business Consultancy reports -  recommending basic products, services and processes that help businesses become more lean, efficient, reduce costs or increase revenues

  • Develop the Business Plan to be succinct and clear

  • Incorporate Rockefeller habits


Likely Tasks:

  • Delivering a high quantity of workshops to accelerate Build, Measure, Learn Cycle

  • Building modules and user guides

  • Develop SOP to running a workshop

  • Meetings and negotiations with Key Stakeholders for Accreditation/Endorsement

  • Meetings and negotiations with University to provide intern opportunities

  • Engaging Fiji students to assist with running of modules

  • Developing module propositions for Fiji Schooling System

  • Lead Gen database

  • Data and feedback tracking


Recommended Steps:

  • Get trekkers into a mindset of scalability and hustle

  • Ensure that trekkers are across project goals and establish team culture

  • Set up a meeting with the Ministry of Education (there is a sub-branch in town)

  • Set up a meeting with FNU (there is a sub-branch in town)

  • Conduct workshop run throughs

  • Contact potential customers from lead gen

  • Set up a workshop for Week 1

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