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Field Development Test (January) - Monthly Goals

Zoe Cahill
Zoe Cahill | Jan 1, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Stage of Business:

FarmEd is a unique technology-based, consultancy service and permaculture farming design that brings agricultural expertise to smallholder farmers, to create a food supply chain that is smarter, more efficient and more profitable.


We are in the startup phase. Specifically focusing on the build-measure-learn feedback loop, we hope to gain insight into two aspects, to prove that we have the ability to build a customised blueprint that yields 100/kg of crop, per day for 300 days of the year:

  1. To prove that crop outputs draw additional revenue that leads to increased income when farmers are entering product into our prescribed supply chains (by working out the unit economics of the 1-acre plot) and;
  2. To prove that the 1-acre plot can yield 100/kg of crop, per day for 300 days of the year.


Sustainable Development Goal:


FarmEd is aiming to solve goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.




Set up the blueprint model on  the new 1-acre demo plot in Sigatoka (Nahigatoka).




Throughout the month we will working extremely closely with the PoC team to implement FarmEd workshops, gather prescribed data, speak with farmers, set up a complete acre of land in Sigatoka and maintaining our plot in Ranadi. As a team we are aiming to complete the set-up of the whole acre at the Sigatoka plot, whilst maintaining, recording data and working out unit economics from our plot at Ranadi. On top of this, considering the high level of interest expressed in the workshops we will also be assisting in the running of these, which will also facilitate in the setting up of our demo plot.


Likely Tasks:

  • Sourcing seeds
  • Sourcing equipment and any assistance
  • Working on the plot
    • Soil Maintenance and assessment
    • Ploughing, digging, fencing, sowing
    • Compost heaps
  • Deliver Workshops in conjunction with FarmEd Consultants
  • Deciding on best fencing method after visiting Ranadi
  • Continue work on the how to guide started by previous team
  • Ranadi
    • Maintaining
    • Gathering data (soil, crops, weather)
  • Working out unit economics
  • Collecting data at all stages of development on new plot (prior, during and after set up)
  • Add something here about the data to be collected about the new plot prior, during and after
  • Develop a case study
  • Development a Return on Investment (ROI)



  • Blueprint (put together by previous teams and FarmEd Consultants)
  • FarmEd Consultants
  • Farming Materials (2x machetes, 1 file, seeds and 6 bowls to soak seeds)
  • 7x people on team
  • Data being collated by PoC and past teams.
  • Assistance of farmers
  • Fencing materials (coconuts, bamboos etc.)
  • Google Drive


Recommended Steps:


  • Conduct initial survey of the land, including collecting relevant data
  • Determining what farm equipment is needed and sourcing
  • Heading down to Ranadi - completing an Ag workshop, getting around what is happening, look at fencing and work done
  • Setting up system of recording and schedule regular checks
  • Ordering seeds and establish working partnerships to assist (e.g. people with plower, oxen etc.)- this needs to be done in the first week
  • Set up and assist/run workshops
  • Gradually work on our new plot


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