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Data for Days - MA Cambodia 2018

Jess Riley
Jess Riley | Dec 31, 2017 | in Knowledge Base


The Market Analysis team for January has a lot of data to consolidate thanks to the hustle of the December team. We will continue their hard work by delving in to the economic profile of the country and analysing the market from 4 perspectives: income, location, crop types, and supply and demand. Market Analysis will feed this data to the Field Development Team who will continue to develop a permaculture blueprint tailored to the Cambodian market.


-         - Develop financial model for FarmEd Cambodia

-         - Take 1000 photos of local pests and diseases within the Siem Reap area

-          - Identify pests and diseases in photos from Dec (1000) and Jan

-          - Empathise with 60 farmers

-         -  Build rapport with 7 organisations who will be potential customers in the future

-         -  Investigate supply chains by meeting with 4 importers

-         -  Find weather databases for application

-          - Complete a detailed business plan.

Likely tasks

-          Economic analysis of the country

-          Cost analysis of the business (breakeven point, expected earnings, start-up costs, organic vs non-organic costs and revenue)

-          Analysing surveys from December and Jan and developing a database that can be easily manoeuvred by future teams. Feed this data to Field Dev team.

-          Investigate supply chains in local markets and importers/exporters (Siem Reap City and Puok Village)

-          Meeting with CEOs, NGOs, commune chiefs, village chiefs, business owners, and government bodies and obtaining permission to access relevant databases (for weather and pests)

-          Conduct soil tests and surveys of land and crops.

-          Investigate the influence of tourism on the agricultural sector and the impact of this on crop diversity


-          Map supply chains in Siem Reap, identify trends in crop preference.


The New Year is going to be massive for FarmEd Cambodia. Wish us luck! 

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