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HANDOVER Health Assessment Malawi December 2017

Edan Baker
Edan Baker | Dec 24, 2017 | in Health Consulting

Enjoy this recap of the December team’s work! There are pertinent documents attached that you should take the time to sit down and have a good read of. Additionally, this will be Project Everest’s first time applying for research clearance in the health industry! Exciting times.


Throughout the month, the team has laid an excellent foundation for the future development of a pre-diagnostic medical application in primary healthcare clinics in Blantyre. Initially, the team had a conservative goal of testing 80 patients with the application. Unfortunately, the direction of the project had to be rerouted due to the legality of testing patients at registered health clinics. The team pivoted towards completing a comprehensive research protocol application through the College of Medicine Research and Ethics Committee (COMREC).


Through completing the protocol, the team has established key relationships with the District Health Office and the College of Medicine. Through our partnership with these institutions, future teams will have access to tremendous resources, infrastructure and expertise.


Once the research application has been accepted, future teams will test the pre-diagnostic application, Your.MD. The viability of the application will be assessed through the process discussed in previous posts. This testing will be conducted with the ‘big picture’ idea involving hub infrastructure to improve people’s access to healthcare services. To ensure that future teams understand what we currently envisage, a business plan has been completed with all applicable and possible sections of the business being discussed.


The January team has a few future actions that we have recommended for them. It is worthwhile for future health team trekkers to get completely across all documents attached, especially the sections pertaining to stakeholders and future actions.


The team is optimistic about the project’s direction. Future teams will identify and appreciate the tremendous value that can be injected into the healthcare system in the auspicious and wonderful country that is Malawi, the heart of Africa.



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