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New Year, New team: FarmEd take Sigatoka

Zoe Cahill
Zoe Cahill | Dec 22, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

As the project month for the December Field Development team in Fiji comes to a close it is now time for the January team to step up and try to match the amazing level of work that was achieved.  Despite setbacks with flooding, drainage and broken down tractors they have persevered and managed to achieve some incredible things in such a short span of time and lay down some important foundations for the January team to follow. 


After snapping up a beautiful piece of land close to Sigatoka, it will be the job of the January team to help develop this demo plot in order to (a) prove the viability of the blueprints, (b) be used as a tool for teaching and aiding in the FarmEd workshops and (c) allow farmers to see first hand the potential of these blueprints and how it could be used to their advantage.


At this pre-project stage it is tough to know how much, or if any, expansion will occur at Ranandi over the month.  Considering it’s distance from the town, it would be tough to ask farmers to travel all that way for workshops, hence the beauty in the other plot of land. Maintenance and upkeep of our plot will definitely be something that we as a team we will ensure is happening on a regular basis, as it is still an important and positive attribute to the FarmEd business. 


January is looking to be month of hustle, hard work and progression and we definitely can’t wait to get started! After observing the trials and successes of the December team we can take inspiration and learn a lot about ways to make our month even more efficient and thus progressing and developing the FarmEd business that much further.

Liv Hendy Dec 31, 2017

The development on the new Sigatoka land will be a great asset to all other farmed field dev teams working with developing successful blueprints on new land. Eagerly awaiting updates on the development of your plot and cannot wait to hear about the hustle to get the new Sigatoka field up and running

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Mallory Dobner Jul 1, 2018

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