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Blake Pearson
Blake Pearson | Dec 21, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

We’ve come a long way from where we first began 4 weeks ago. The team has adapted well from evolving our initial goal of selling 2 blueprints and empathising with 20 farmers, to securing FJD$1500 revenue and creating an MVP database.

Our process of achieving these goals kicked off with everyone participating in workshops on empathy, pitching and attending a crash course on agriculture at Ranadi. The following days were filled with the team empathising with farmers and other stakeholders to build our understanding of Fijian agriculture. When we weren’t out experiencing the scorching heat and torrential rain of Fiji, the team was buried in admin work - updating contact details and sales pipelines.


A working version of a massive Fiji FarmEd database was created to quantitatively measure performance, and create visualisations to aid in decision making. We collaborated with the Market Analysis and Field Development teams to come up with relevant metrics for the dashboard and data collection forms.  

The team also created a brochure to show an example of a blueprint, and photos of workshops to present to the farmers while pitching. All the hustle has resulted in 10 deposits paid (with an expected total revenue of $650) and 18 expressions of interests, as well as new leads which the January Proof of Concept team can follow. While we may have fallen short of the $1500, we are still extremely proud of everything we have achieved.

We hope the next team will continue to nurture and grow FarmEd so we reach our great potential for social benefit.


Check out the handover documents below for a more in-depth look!

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