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Field Development - what a month!

eugeniahutton | Dec 21, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Field Development Achievements in December, Cambodia


The Field Development team has made a world of progress in their goals to establish a test farm and design a blueprint specifically for the Cambodian environment.

The blueprint developed includes:

  • 7 combinations of crops that can be planted together under the continuous cropping model
  • A design for an irrigation system
  • A design for a compost system
  • A living fence to push unwanted pests away


A section of the land acquired at the Cambodian Landmine Museum has been ploughed and terraformed. This involved marking out the desired beds, digging drainage trenches, and spreading the removed soil across the beds to raise them above ground level. At a meeting with a stakeholder recently, advice was given to avoid planting in soil with a pH less than 6. Since the pH here was tested to be 5- 5.5, the decision was made that quicklime needs to be added to fix the acidity before planting.


The following day (today), a visit to the CE SAIN Technology Park in Siem Reap was incredibly beneficial. FarmEd was offered a plot of land on site and immediately begun a baseline assessment of the land. The plot itself is 5m wide and 20m in total length, currently featuring 3 rows of 4 beds, each 1m wide and 5m long. Field Dev have requested this space to be converted into 2 rows of 2 beds, each 1.5m wide and 10m long. Field Dev will be drafting an MOU with CE SAIN to make certain the acquisition of the plot. As determined by the baseline assessment undertaken, the pH quality on the farm was ideal for growing, returning a reading of 6.5 on average. This is particularly relevant since the Cambodian Landmine Museum, upon initial baseline assessment, returned a pH reading of 5 - 5.5, meaning the soil was slightly too acidic for optimal crop growth.


Furthermore, through extensive photography of the land, including the beds, close ups, and surrounding treeline, it was assessed that there is ample availability to begin planting.

For future teams, focus should be shifted to acquiring resources from the current leads, planting and growing crops at the CE SAIN Technology Park, and fixing the soil pH at the Cambodian Landmine Museum’s farm.


This month has been so incredibly fast paced. The month has flown by and I'm sure everyone can agree that with hustle anything is possible!


post credit: Luke Breen and Jeremy Eastham

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