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ERS in Cambodia, December 2017

Doug Radford
Doug Radford | Dec 21, 2017 | in Knowledge Base


The Cambodian ERS team for December have wrapped up for the month with an impressive list of achievements over the month and even better vibes. 

ERS were able to finalise a MoU with GAEA, in which it is agreed that PE's venture can dispose of waste to landfill at a set price. The team pivoted away from the bag collection prototype and towards a bin prototype, which has been successful in making 2 sales and receiving EOIs for more sales, proving a willingness and ability to pay for such a service. 

Details of the prototype development and business forecasting can be found in the handover and business plan documents attached. 

We anticipate that the January team should be able to further ideate on the prototype and expand the service to more households within the Chreav Village and beyond. The team will be required to continue to explore the financial modelling of the prototype, and compare this to real-world expansion results to update and verify that the business is viable. The team should look to further grow the partnership with GAEA and refine the transportation link in ERS's supply chain.

It's an exciting time to be involved with ERS across the board, and this team has reinforced that hustle, hard work and an open mind will lead to great things. We can't wait to see what the January and February teams can achieve! 

As always - Venture on, 


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Wade Tink Jan 5, 2018

Your business plan and handover document are excellent and clearly articulate what you are trying to achieve with ERS in Cambodia.
Congratulations on the successes you achieved and the onboarding of customers to the model.
Whilst you have done deep analysis into the logistics behind the rubbish collection volumes, routes and associated revenue the challenge will be in actually making it happen! With respect to the margins my concerns are that like other infrastructure service offerings it will take a long time to reach viability of cashflow. However you are aware of this in your analysis and because of the low cost of labour you are moving towards making it work.
Once again well done on the progress you all made through this.

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Andrew Vild Jul 2, 2018

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