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Resources for the Malawi Team

Corey Middleton
Corey Middleton | Dec 20, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Found some fairly recent, fairly comprehensive resources for the energy teams on the ground in Malawi! 

Hope these help: 

2016 Off-grid solar country briefing: Malawi (global off-grid lighting association) 


2014 Solar market analysis and strategy: (business innovation facility)

A little about PSP solar company regulation 


Corey Middleton Dec 20, 2017


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Alex Piatek Dec 20, 2017

I appreciate this post, that was a good insight!

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FrankC Zuniga 4 months ago

I am very happy to see that you have great resources for the Malawi Team and you give them an amazing environment to work with full devotion. I want to do this for an assignment and hope you help me a to do this easily. Nice post to read.

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