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Henry Andresen
Henry Andresen | Dec 18, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Departing Darwin airport on the 25th of November was unknowingly the start of a life changing journey that would push me well beyond my expectations, and it all started within the first seconds of taking my seat aboard the aircraft. Having not booked a seat prior to take-off, I was randomly assigned to a seat next to Mark Sorby - a Senior Naval Advisor currently operating in Timor-Leste as part of the Defence Cooperation Program (Australian program which operates in neighbouring countries to help establish and sustain a defensive naval force) . We instantly had a connection and began talking all things Project Everest, sustainable energy, best dive spots, climate change, present and future naval operations in Timor and his history in the Australian Navy. Mark was extremely passionate about integrating some sort of sustainable energy solution into future naval projects throughout Timor as to reduce the burden on the Timorese once established and handed over whilst contributing towards their goal of 50% renewables by 2030.  


Project kicked off and the Energy team already had an unmistakable attitude to smash through daily goals and make moonshot progress over the month, giving 110% day by day. By the end of week one we had already arranged meetings with multiple contacts who were on board with implementing solar systems into their businesses, (Check out the linked Crowdicity blog) and had done extensive research into viable solar suppliers. A meeting was arranged with Mark who spoke of the Australian government gifting Timor two patrol boats ($15m each) as part of the Defence Cooperation Program, which will be built in Perth before being transported to the Timorese naval defence group within 5 years.


Because of this, the Timor Naval base would require appropriate facilities such as engineering and communication workshops to aid the functioning of the new vessels. Such buildings would require reliable and cheap electricity which could be supplied by solar systems.


During the meeting we spoke of our military origins and ethics and how our founder had served with the Australian military in Timor, which got Mark even more on board with our Energy project as he began discussing ways to get the partnership off the ground. He offered to arrange a meeting with our team, himself, other involved officers, and the colonel sometime in February, as that would be when decisions would start to be made about the project. He then asked if our founder Wade Tink could be present as we pitched our idea and business model as to bring it all full circle. Tink, serving in a foreign country and recognizing the issues before establishing a company which solves such issues through business, he saw the flaws in NGOs and how he could adapt and sustainably help people.


The whole thing could not have aligned more perfectly. An ex-military founded company implementing sustainable projects and businesses into the same country in which he once served, as Mark put it; the Australian embassy and government would absolutely love a story like that. Such a partnership would serve both parties so well and send Timor closer to their sustainability goals whilst cementing the relationship between Australia and Timor.


In short; Wade Tink, come back to Timor.


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Cris Birzer Dec 20, 2017

FYI when I was in East Timor mid last year I put the PE energy team in contact with the DCP and their team in Metinaro. The idea of using the East Timorese Defence Force (FDTL) as a pilot option for potential pumped hydro/solar PV system. I'm not officially a PE person, but I did work with the DCP (as Army, not Navy) in 2003 and know one of the team members currently working there. Let me know if I can help again.

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Alex Piatek Dec 20, 2017

Thankyou Cris! I have tagged the leaders who are best to follow up on this.

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Henry Andresen Dec 20, 2017

Sounds like a great lead Cris, thank you for replying, I'm sure once the meeting is organised with the Jan/Feb team you would be more than welcome to join - the more the merrier!

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Wade Tink Dec 22, 2017

I think Cris is definitely in a stronger position to liaise with the DCP in Dili than I am. However, I would obviously love to come to Timor and meet with them or anyone else that was appropriate. Obviously this is dependent on other commitments at the time. Once the meeting is organised please keep me informed.

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Henry Andresen Dec 22, 2017

Having you both in country for the meeting would be absolutely incredible, however I'm sure that the team will completely understand if there are any complications or something comes up. Great to hear that you both would be keen - The Jan and Feb team will keep in contact with the DCP and let you know when the meeting is. Cheers.

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Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

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