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Training Timorese Students to Work with Ag Team

Chivi Galatas
Chivi Galatas | Dec 18, 2017 | in Agriculture Assessment

A team of five people can get A LOT done in the first three weeks of a new project, but wouldn’t you say that a team of twenty could get so much more done? This is in fact what the Agriculture Assessment team in Timor Leste strongly supports. We are not thinking about bringing more trekkers but about involving university students from UNTL (National University of Timor Leste) in our project to help us in the emphasizing stage we are now vigorously working on.


This is the Ag's team main idea: run a workshop with UNTL students from the Faculty of Agriculture, (which happened last Thursday!) select the best candidates from this workshop and run a training session with them so we can keep gathering as much data as we can from farmers in Timor Leste. I have attached a document that describes this plan in further detail, take a look! As our goal right now is to thoroughly understand the agriculture sector in the country and the farmer’s lifestyles and biggest challenges in order to obtain the most appropriate and efficient product or service, we believe that working with Timorese students is the best way to mutually benefit everyone. Not only will we learn from their technical knowledge about agriculture in Timor Leste but also from their understanding about farming as an essential part of their culture. Additionally, these students will be given the opportunity to work for their community, gain experience through practices such as as soil testing, interviews and team management and finally to improve their English skills.  


As mentioned earlier, the first workshop was successfully completed last Thursday. Lauren and I (Chivi) presented Project Everest to 25 students, executed three design thinking activities with them and received feedback from them (very positive!). I have also attached a document that explains all of these activities in detail.The workshop went on for 2 hours and a half and the levels of energy and enthusiasm were maintained throughout the whole exercise. All the discussions were very interesting to listen to, we learnt so much from them! We have selected fourteen students and we have just contacted them today to let them know that they will be working as interns in Project Everest after they attend to the training session on January. In this sense, the selected interns will be working with other trekkers at the beginning to carry out most of the fieldwork and data recollection tasks. Once they have gained experience, they will potentially be the ones carrying out these tasks on their own.


We believe this practice can give us a closer understanding of the agricultural sector in Timor Leste and its people. Including Timorese students in our project will bring their culture and Project Everest’s culture together to work towards a common goal: solve Timorese farmer’s challenges through agricultural expertise. Their excitement about this project is so inspiring that I cannot wait to hear about their progress in the next months!


We would love any kind of feedback or thought about this idea!


Thanks team,


Silvia Galatas (Chivi) 

Alex Piatek Dec 20, 2017

What will the training session look like for the newly acquired interns?

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