Project Everest

If you can see the summit you need to find a bigger mountain to climb! SoCons updated monthly goals.

Social Consulting started off the month with a very broad understanding of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to get there. Over the past two and a half weeks we have gained a greater understanding of the situation in country, and have consequently reevaluated and updated our goals.

As SoCon is a relatively new project, the monthly goal of empathising with 40 small business owners has remained a critical area for the project. Empathising is a process that should occur across the project, in which case this is a key part in the start up and continuation of the workshops as it allows SoCon to determine who will attend the workshops, who likes the workshops and what aspects and who would subscribe to the workshop series. This will help to provide context for future projects and direct the project towards creating a subscription based workshop series that is viable.

Thus far, SoCon have empathised with 31 small business owners in the Sigatoka region. Empathising is gradually occurring, with case studies being conducted through dialogue during the workshops which has provided SoCon with an in depth understanding of the current situation of small business owners in Sigatoka, including critical information of their experiences with Fiji’s micro financing companies. SoCons goal to reach 40 business owners will be achieved once the areas of Sigatoka that have not been reached are identified, which will be evident through dialogue during the workshops.

In week 3 we have managed to book and successfully run 3 workshops (in crowdicity post to come). This included earning $60 in Revenue. For this month we are offering the workshop at a small fee to prove that there are people in Sigatoka that are willing to pay for the service. This data will be used in our pitches to larger stakeholders such as micro-financing companies to strengthen our propositions for partnership. We think partnerships or agreements with micro-financing companies would be beneficial because physically going out to find clients takes up a lot of time and money. Whereas, our MoU with SPBD has allowed us to run a workshop (next Tuesday 1000 at SPBD Sigatoka) with their clients, eliminating that process.

As a team we have decided to increase our original goal to 6 workshops as by the end of today we will have already reached our goal of 3 workshops we made at the start of this month.

UPDATED GOAL 2: Run 6 Business workshops.

With the success of finding and securing the workspace, and the interest of local small business owners wishing to expand SoCon have placed an initial cost of the workshops at $5 per workshop and $10 for three workshops, to create a subscription based revenue stream.

In week two we visited the Fiji National University to work towards Goal 3: Get a MoU with a University. We met with the Dean of Business, who was very interested in what we do and wanted to hold a board meeting so we could pitch Social Consulting in front of them as well as the Student Union. However, this has been postponed to the middle of January due to the University closing down for Christmas. This means we will be unable to reach this goal.

NEW GOAL: Earn $200 in Revenue.

Two of the workshops have already been conducted which were ‘The Design Thinking Process’ and ‘How to Write a Business Plan’. All of the four attendees of the workshops have subscribed to three workshops, which means today’s workshop on ‘The 7P’s of the Marketing Mix’ will have a minimum attendance of four. This will mean we are halfway towards achieving six workshops for the month. The attendees subscription from the first workshop has proven to be due to a positive and beneficial experience, in which they have contacted friends and family to attend our workshops. Through this, it is hopeful that SoCon will have more subscriptions in next week’s workshops to achieve the six workshops for the month.

Word of mouth from attendees and continuous empathising will increase attendance and revenue, which will help us to achieve SoCon’s monthly goal of $200 revenue. Thus far, $60 revenue has been made which leaves three workshops to make $140 revenue. SoCon’s positive relationship with SPBD has also opened an opportunity to conduct a seventh workshop of up to 15 SME’s willing to pay $5 each which is another key source of revenue for the project.

Goal Summary:

Empathise with 40 Business Owners (31/40)
Run 6 Business workshops (3/6)
Earn $200 in revenue ($60/$200)

Our final week will require a lot of hustle, but it will be 100% worth it.

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