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Potential Motivation for Ag-Assessment

As an interesting update, here are two things happening in the agriculture sector specifically as it relates to coffee. A huge commodity in Timor-Leste farming. 

Potentially, these are avenues to secure funding and support should it arise that a potential solution could be looking to improve the state of coffee farming in Timor-Leste 

1) Starbucks in Timor-Leste (Brand new as of LAST MONTH)

2) $50,000 Nestle' nespresso sustainability challenge

Harry Telford Dec 13, 2017

This is really cool! The idea of the $50,000 challenge certainly is motivation, good find! We've identified that connecting farmers to supermarket/company chains as one of the key areas of major potential gain for Timorese farmers. It would be exciting to establish a coffee farming group capable of meeting the quantity Nespresso needs, as well as solidifying long term suppliers for Starbucks.

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Amber Johnston Jun 30, 2018

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