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ERS Cambodia Brainstorm

Matthew Rafferty
Matthew Rafferty | Dec 8, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Our ERS in the future brainstorm. Hit us with your feedback.

Corey Middleton Dec 8, 2017

10.) Suggest that you look at what Terracycle is doing in the field. they seem to have effective systems to separate and recycle a wide variety of products. They have an office next door to us in Sydney, but are an international company.

on revenue, from what I understand in reading about the waste sector. the problem is not producing profit from waste. The problem is securing large enough quantities of waste to enable a profit.

So given Timor does not have the volumes to generally make something commerically viable. maybe the solution to profitability lies in an ultra-affordable collection service.

by reducing the cost of collection, you reduce the quantity needed to become profitable.

More thoughts on this to come. Not a lot actionable yet unfortunately. Otherwise, do you have an order or priority for these future goals? something to easily work towards.

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Sam Swain Dec 11, 2017

Hi Corey and ERS Cambodia. I'd check out this link from the ABC regarding China and recycling as it pertains to not only Australia but also potential leads from there and where focus needs to be.

I'd have to disagree with Corey on the waste sector outlook. While volumes are important in maximizing efficiency, particularly with logistics such as transport, much of the industry is struggling across the board to make a viable profit with the products that are collected and recycled. I'd check out the four corners report on Waste in NSW, to give you some perspective...

There also needs to be a viable market for these recyclables to return to. Ie, sure we can recycle plastics but if it's cheaper for manufacturers to buy new plastic pellets then to take plastic bottles and recycle them there is little incentive to do so...

For example, the steel market two years ago was flooded with cheap 'new' steel from China, collapsing the scrap steel industry around the world, so instead of receiving maybe a few hundred dollars a tonne for steel, people were now only paying maybe 10-30 dollars per tonne.

The positive thing for Cambodia, is your location, which is close to China, Vietnam and Thailand, from my recollections they do a lot of recycling, or processing of recycling, you'd just need to determine the most efficient forms of logistics for your project.

From number 10 of tasks to do:
Is there a reason you're wanting to go to mechanical sorting? Would a conveyor belt with local workers not be more efficient? I can't imagine labour costs to be too high there, and it would reduce your overhead and upfront costs, not to mention maintenance costs etc...

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Wade Tink Dec 11, 2017

Love and appreciate that this is a brainstorm. A way to think about breaking this down is to put it into time periods.
ERS in Future column: Break this down to your vision, mission and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
Vision- the purpose for the organisation and what you are trying to solve but will never be achieved, only simply because it's never ending (PE example: Solve the world's social issues using business)
Mission- purposeful step in your ability to achieve your vision that is tangible. (PE example: democratise development)
BHAG- something that can be achieved in 25 years and is mind blowing for you as an organisation. (PE example: enable 1 billion people)
These things, as they are permanent, may require co-ordination with ERS Timor.

The Goal/Outcome section could be centred on 12 month goals for ERS which should not be more than 5 and listed in a quantifiable way and in terms of priority.

The Task To-Do list can be broken down into priority and then a series of experiments which are orientated on what you will learn by conducting that experiment. Following the Build-Measure-Learn process but of course starting backwards.

Putting it into this format would make it a lot easier to communicate easily what you are doing and how you are going about it.

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Wade Tink Dec 11, 2017

For context...the reason that I have placed this comment here is because all the components of your brainstorm may be true, they may be relevant. But they don't give a very good understanding when trying to determine whether your next steps and what you are focusing on now is effective given the broader context.

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Andrew Vild Jul 2, 2018

Status label added: Work Update

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