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[Proposed Experiment]: Fuel Fiji - Implementation of a Case Study - January 2018

In order to measure impact, benefits, detriments and possible improvements of the Rocket Stove 2.0, we intend to carry out an individual case study. Our Olosara neighbour, Mary, has already agreed to purchase a stove and collaborate with our team on her experience.

We have prepared a list of questions regarding Mary’s demographic, daily life, current cooking methods and feedback on the Rocket stove. (See below). This information will allow us to ensure the stove is tailored to best suit the user’s needs and desires. Ideally, this feedback loop will continue for the duration of our project and the teams in January and February.

Hopefully, this will validate the value propositions of our stove; less smoke, less wood, faster cooking times, portability etc. The primary data garnered from Mary can be used as an example in grant applications and is invaluable to the design thinking process.

This is being implemented for a proof of concept procedure and potential research grants opportunities.

Questionnaire will consist of:

Demographics: age, gender, socio economic status, occupation, religion, education

Daily life:

  • General routine - activities, worklife
  • Family size/structure
  • Does she host dinners/parties/occasion events? How often?

Cooking methods:

  • Type of cooking method - electric, gas, fire?
    • Preferred cooking method & why?
    • Most effective cooking method & why?
    • Does the cooking method affect the taste?
  • How many meals are cooked/prepared at home each day?
    • Which method generally used for each?
  • What types of food are cooked on open fire? (She has her own casava, spinach plants)
  • How is the rocket stove compared to her current methods (wood use, cooking times etc.)
  • Do weather conditions impact cooking normally?
    • How?
    • Is this the same with the Rocket stove?


  • Is it uncomfortable to cook inside? (due to smoke)
    • Did she think a change was necessary before purchasing the stove?
  • Location of kitchen/open fire stove?
    • Separate room/outdoors?
  • Does she notice the smoke from the two-stone stoves affecting her (e.g coughing, breathing difficulties)?
  • If yes, is it the same/worse/better using the rocket stove?
    • Notice any changes?


  • Does the rocket stove compromise any of the old cooking methods?
    • Still use all the same pots?
    • Do all foods cook the same as before?
    • Are some foods better/more difficult to cook on the stove?
  • Anything that could be changed with the design?
  • Does the stove perform consistently?
    • Deterioration
    • Cooking times
    • Changes to cooking process
  • Is the flavour of the food the same cooking on the rocket stove?

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?  

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Larissa Steele Dec 6, 2017

Great to hear you guys hitting that monthly goal of a sale so early into the month! Really thorough considerations so there isn't much else I can add.

Not sure if this was considered and what Mary would say but perhaps ask to film her or have her film herself while she is cooking. A lot of our behaviour and mannerisms are unconscious so even though the questions you guys are asking are really comprehensive, observation is a great way to maybe stumble upon something that has not been considered e.g. does she place the stove on a table to use or does she -Mary- put it on the ground as this would impact the Rocket stove legs (just an idea).

Having that footage and maybe asking her questions as well on video might also serve as evidence that can be referenced back without the subjective interpretation of her responses (difficult to note take body language which comprises 70% of communication, with words only making up 10% or so).

Absolutely loving the work! The more feedback, the better.

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Danni Lockwood Dec 6, 2017

It's great to see that you're getting out there and doing a case study! It may be worth asking if one rocket stove would be enough? I would imagine that some families may need more than one.

Is it possible to fuse rocket stoves to make it a 2 burner? 4 burner? What about a compartment on the side that could use the residual heat from the burner to keep food warm while you're cooking the next thing? It could be as simple as modifying old pots to clip onto the side. I would be more than happy to draw up a sketch and post if you'd like.

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Wade Tink Jul 1, 2018

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

Results of this test...?

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