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For the Fiji Social consulting team it’s been massive week filled with a mix of challenges that are only outweighed by the rewards. Our empowered team has remained driven and focused when it has come to achieving our goals. We have been knocking our daily goals out of the park and well on our way to achieving our initial goal of empathizing with the 40 local businesses before we even reach the half waypoint of our time here in Sigatoka.


Throughout the early stages of the week we made it a priority to develop a strategic outlook of where we could begin determining the future direction of the project. Through delegation, everyone was assigned their responsibilities so that we could enforce accountability and make sure we could work more efficiently as a united team. By working in such a way we can effectively prepare the following January SoCon team so they can hit the ground running and maximize the positive outcomes of this project.


After taking the time to work on our empathizing skills through various activities and reflecting on our Trekker training, we spent our Wednesday in the heart of Sigatoka immersing ourselves in the beautiful Fijian culture. After breaking into teams we visited many of the local stores, engaging with owners and employees to find out exactly how their businesses operate and what it’s like to live a day in their shoes.


By empathizing with businesses it was our goal to gather information and determine if the people of Sigatoka were more interested in developing business knowledge through education, or if they had a greater need for personalised consulting.

It took very little time for us to realise the value of education within the Fijian culture. We made it our mission to explore the reason behind their businesses, was their personal survival the core driver? Many small business owners who we empathized with made it clear very early on that they exist in order to support not only themselves but many others. Some support their families but there are those who operate with the soul intention of supporting their village in the neighboring Sigatoka regions. The profits are used to provide education and the means to survive for the children of these villages. From these experiences we have come to believe and witness that the strong value for education, comes from Fiji’s desire to create a better future, filled with more opportunities for their children.


Moving forward we are cautious of time but not afraid. With our big ambitions and newfound direction, we look forward to developing a series of education modules that align with Fijian culture and the demand for ongoing education. We hope that through providing education in partner with a local organisation that can facilitate our workshops, we will be able to educate and improve local businesses. By providing these tailored workshops we will be able to achieve our overarching mission of creating a social change. 


Written by Kade Lonergan and Cheryl Miao 

edited on Dec 1, 2017 by Danni Lockwood

Wade Tink Dec 4, 2017

Well done on the hustle. With respect to the interviews what was your interview preparation? How many interviews did you get through exactly and what was the distinct results of them? What are the problems/challenges you identified if any?
Attach files in here so we can get deeper.

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Danni Lockwood Dec 5, 2017

Bula Tink! Hopefully, this document gives you a better insight into our methods for Empathy! This is the initial analysis, we intend on extracting more data from the empathy (which workshop would suit each person best, which will be discussed in a later post about our workshops).

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