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Cambodia FarmEd Market Analysis Week 1 Done and Dusted

Amber McPherson
Amber McPherson | Dec 1, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

The Market Analysis team for December has kicked off strong! Our goals for the month included selling two blueprints, which we thought might not be feasible until the Field Development team had made more progress on their test farm, but we’ve sold one out of two on our first day out in the field!!!

Our monthly goals include:

- Visit 60 farms and collect data from each one to give to the field development team and gauge the feasibility of blueprints in a Cambodian context and as a revenue stream

- Talk to 5 organisations to get data and contacts as a stepping stone into more villages

- Take 1000 photos to eventually feed into the app to make a smarter AI

- Collect 40 EOI’s for workshops to gauge the feasibility of workshops in a Cambodian context

- Sell 2 blueprints

Our successes this week:

- Sold the blueprint for $100 to Mr Sang Kung who previously bought a consultancy report from us and was happy with the results (woo!)

- Taken a quarter of our photos already (we need to increase that goal)

- Got a contact through Mr Sang Kung to the IIRR (International Institute of Rural Reconstruction)

Our plan of attack:

- Book out every single day with translators and ideally with a guide to take us around villages

- Contact organisations to get databases and lists of village and commune chiefs around Siem Reap so that we can get the approval of these people to collect data in their communes/villages

- Avoid tuktuks

Barriers so far:

- Lunch takes a long time in Cambodia when we eat out, so we plan to start packing lunches and eating very light lunches when we need to buy food

- Finding translators who are available for whole days at an affordable price is proving to be difficult, so we will be trying to book our translators further in advance

- A disorganised Google Drive with some missing detail on communications from previous teams

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