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Matthew Rafferty
Matthew Rafferty | Dec 1, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Hi Again,

In the weekly post, it was mentioned that there were some new ideas that have been brought up and are currently under investigation. The purpose of this post it to reach out to a wider audience to see if there are any other views that should be considered in the process.

  • An education program is being investigated with the aim to educate local communities and schools about waste management. This is a major step forward as it is an unexplored avenue and has the potential grow and allow the ERS processes to flow easier. Knowledge is power.


  • Implement future mobile app/automated phone prompt service. Each villager was supplied with a customer number, and the bags supplied were tagged and recorded. This has the potential to integrate all of our main services into one; collection, feedback, loyalty system, incentives to use the service (village leader-board) etc.

  • In the weekly update, we mentioned that we 'recruited' a villager from the Puok Chas village who is willing to collect the waste bags from the individual households free of charge. Are there any outstanding issues with this idea?


Fire away with feedback,

ERS Cambodia

Ciaran Hoare Dec 1, 2017

Are there any other current education programs in place? Where do you plan to implement? Can you share the content to date? Anyone in education would be good to provide an insight on this

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Grace Blackford Dec 4, 2017

Currently ERS knows of Plastic Free Cambodia that offers an education program based on environmental awareness. Plastic Free Cambodia run programs, workshops and events aimed at encouraging children to correctly dispose of their rubbish. This is similar to what ERS aims to achieve, hopefully at a more reasonable price point. We plan to start implementing the program within smaller, more local schools within the Krong District before expanding to larger, wealthier schools once we are more established. Currently we have created basic outlines of our educational program focusing specifically on the games that team members have developed. This has been attached below. We are working to further develop these plans into a series of educational modules focusing on different environmental issues rather than primarily the segregation of waste. Any input of what we have already would be greatly appreciated!

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Alex Piatek Dec 7, 2017

Utilising other groups/companies to educate the market. Timor, 3R would be a good option for this. From the initial education presentation to show the customers how to recycle to workshops (Canny Crush).

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