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Kavalicious - Fiji FarmEd Week 1 Update

Ivan Yancic Jurado
Ivan Yancic Jurado | Dec 1, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Only a few days into project and the workshops have already pushed teams to another level in terms of pitching, empathising and just general understanding of the project. Our Team Leaders conducted a brilliant workshop on empathy, allowing us to show our improved pitching skills and find the strengths and weaknesses within our groups. Building leaders is a huge aspect of Project Everest and these workshops have been pivotal at preparing us for what is to come.

A road trip down to the Field Developments new home in Renadi where a prototype farm has recently been harvested was a fascinating experience for all teams. Zoe and Lisa led the FarmEd agriculture workshop allowing us to obtain the basic agricultural knowledge necessary to go out on project. It also helped our understanding on how all the teams function as a unit that tests, sells and improves the products for FarmEd.

The Market and Data Analysis Team (MA Team) has created a new database of information which will include external factors and contact details of each of the 60 or more farmers visited in the next four weeks. This will be incorporated with the updated Contact Database which is currently being maintained by the Proof of Concept team. The aim is to collect all relevant information, especially the issues and trends that we find occurring on the farms visited, and store it in a simple form.

Wednesday’s highlight was a Kava ceremony with local farmers from the Nebaka village in the Sigatoka valley. Various members from the Proof of Concept (POC) and MA team went to this ceremony and were led by Seth Coetzee who took lead in demonstrating how to build rapport. Overall, this experience was exciting with plenty of Kava going around and the team even having lunch at one of the farms!

All members of MA and POC then went out the next day after 1200. MA team had an extremely successful day, visiting 5 farmers with 4 that showed great interest in the FarmEd products. In particular one of the farmers, Kelepis Salesale, showed definite interest as he was quite a new farmer in the area with only a couple of years experience. Mr Salesale also worked on two farms, one with 3 acres of land and another 14 acre farm. He is definitely a farmer that could be used to implement the first Blueprint!

During this week the whole team has been successful and shown significant signs of improvement everyday. Ending with a quote that sums up our week of learning by being hands-on,

“You don’t learn to walk by following the rules, you learn by doing and falling over”


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