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Field Development Team Progress in Cambodia

Jezza770 | Nov 30, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Having been on project for three official work days, the Field Development Team have made rapid progress towards their monthly goal of setting up a test farm.

Land has already been acquired at the Landmine Museum near Angkor Wat. The projected usable land space totals about half an acre, with four separate plots marked out for use.

At the present moment, only one of these plots will be developed, with the other plots available for future scaling.

A baseline assessment has been conducted on the land to profile the existing conditions. The soil was found to be slightly acidic, generally quite moist or saturated, and highly susceptible to erosion. The marked plots were measured for size, which were recorded as:

  1. 40x18m

  2. 38x9m

  3. 30x9m

  4. Currently unmeasured

The plots are approximately rectangular, generally flat with minor changes in altitude, and are positioned next to a channel of still water. There is also a small pond adjacent to plot 3. The local flora and fauna were observed for species, disease, and locality. Some of the fauna observed were:

  • Ants

  • Butterflies

  • Flies

  • Dragonflies

  • Beetles

  • Tadpoles

Many various types of flora were observed, some in patches, others dispersed, and some in abundance everywhere. All of the plots were covered in either flora or water puddles, which covered about 25% of plots 1,2 and 3.


The plan moving forward is to make contact with stakeholders that can provide resources such as a tractor, soil, tools and equipment, and seeds/seedlings (preferably in that order). Concurrently, a blueprint template will be set up to determine the number and length of beds available for planting. The flora to be planted will be determined by the input from the market analysis team.

Samantha Orum Jul 1, 2018

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