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December, Demo plots and Development: FarmEd Field Dev

Emma Rickert
Emma Rickert | Nov 27, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

FarmEd Field Dev is well and truly back in Fiji in full force for its second month of major project advancement and setting the pace for FieldDev across all countries. The bar was set high in July by the previous team, and December shows no hints of slowing down. This month we’ll be focusing on monitoring the existing plot, as well as continuing to build on its permaculture goodness. Our BHAG is nice and audacious, with aims to extend the current permaculture demo plot on Ranadi to a full acre. This however will not be the only progress made, with work already starting on:

-        An improved data collection scheme to monitor inputs, soil data and yields (to prove that what we’re doing actually works!)

-        A solid contact base for future use by other teams

-        Flawless documentation of everything the team covers for future input into a How-To guide (see below)

-        Statistically analysing the data that we have on inputs and outputs

Another major goal of the month will be to produce a permaculture how – to guide. This will be a concise and easy to follow guide on exactly how to reproduce permaculture techniques that we put into practise in developing the demo plot. This guide will be essential not only for future Fiji Field Development teams continuing in January and February, but also for Field Development across all countries. The aim is to collaboratively produce a clear, concise and easily understandable document with can be adapted across different countries.

This is going to be one massive month, FarmEd Field Dev has such an enthusiastic, team ready to literally get their hands dirty, I can’t wait for the progress in the month ahead and to see all of our goals (even that BHAG) get absolutely smashed.

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Samantha Orum Jul 1, 2018

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