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MoonShot and Proud of It. You wouldn't GUESS what we're up to!

The Social Consulting team is super keen to get this month started! We have our three goals for the month and one great BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). We’ve had a discussion as a team and decided where we want this month and ultimately, the whole project to go. We couldn’t be more excited.

Our monthly goals are:

Empathise with 40 business owners
Run 3 business workshops
Get the University on board!

With the BHAG:

Have a permanent building in Fiji where multiple workshops (to aid in their business, marketing and sales skills) are run per day for businesses at all stages of their career.

This is a Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal.

In order to get there we believe that we will have to:

Run an empathy workshop to get around how to talk to clients and stakeholders. (understand Fijian Culture)
Attend university lectures to gain an understanding of how fijians like to be taught (this will involve watching the lectures, talking to the students and talking to the lecturers).
Go into town and talk to multiple business owners
Meet with SPBD to organise times and discuss the workshop content
Produce a system that will enable us to measure our impact
Invite people personally to a workshop (and how much they would be willing to spend)
Produce a pitch for the University
PITCH to the University! (With proof that our product is desired.)

We think this will be an amazing month full of movement and good vibes! STAY TUNED!

Wade Tink Nov 28, 2017

I'm guessing that, after reading this post, that your first workshop will be on copy-writing marketing material:)
Looking at your goals, my thoughts are that you need to assess where you are in the process. All the empathising and previous work has indicated a direction towards education as opposed to single engagement consultancy. With this in mind:
1. Empathise with 40 business owners
Are you going back to the empathy stage which means you aren't 100% on your Problem Statement/Define stage? Do you have a clear customer segment yet? Is the education or consulting for start-ups, established businesses...?
I like this goal and I suggest you work out clearly what you want to learn, how you are going to measure it and then go through the process of recording and systemising the process. With that in mind you are empathising so I get it in that you need to let it flow- just suggest planning/brainstorming it out.
Really understand the previous teams work in this space and get deep on the learning so you are building on something instead of starting fresh.

2. Run 3 business workshops
Is this part of the value proposition (BMC) and test phase of Design Thinking? It feels like it is well ahead of the ^^. In which case get out the interviews from the previous teams and get clear on the offer testing you are doing. Because you are testing you need to isolate the areas you are trying to learn in, they could be contained in the following:
- Customer Segment- this should be already clear from ^^ so is not a main focus.
- Marketing Copy- key as to what is going to attract people to the workshops. In this situation 'copy' can refer to how you sell in the workshop if it is F2F.
- Marketing Channel- how are you reaching them and can it be done efficiently/successfully.
- Price- not sure where you are at with this, I'd assume your first one's will be free which creates other challenges. The value of education in this context will be part of the learning process.
- Solution- measurement of expectations versus results which would happen post delivery.

There is a lot of prototyping to be done for this and it can go horribly wrong for reputation if this is done poorly but it can be really successful and a rapport building exercise.

3. Get the University on board!
With this goal how does it validate one of the hypothesis from the BMC? Assuming it is coming under key partners how are they fitting into the bigger picture?

Like where you are going with this. Perhaps break each of these areas down into different posts and update learning and metrics as you go.

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