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A workable prototype, a BMC, and a killer month.

Mallory Dobner
Mallory Dobner | Nov 25, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

On the eve of the December energy project in Malawi the house is set up, the people are keen, and most importantly; the goals are set. For this month there are a series of goals that we are aiming to achieve, in the areas of both understanding the population and its needs, and moving forward with a prototype.

-       Demographic analysis of at least 50 individuals, businesses and organisations to create a cost/benefits analysis of both the social and financial aspects of the project.

-       Investigate the cost of an off grid solar system in terms of parts, equipment, expertise and labor for a 5.5kWh system.

In order to achieve these goals we have a series of tasks that will need to be undertaken in the first week to understand how realistic these goals are, and the future actions that will need to be undertaken to fulfill these goals.

To start on the prototype the team will need to:

-       Find all the parts required and the cost of each.

-       Research how to make a solar system, particularly how to waterproof it as the rains can be pretty intense here.

-       Research commercial businesses here that currently provide solar systems and the costings of these.

-       Research how to become a legitimate business in Blantyre and the qualifications that those installing the solar systems need to have.

To start on the empathising:

-       Data from the July team will need to be sorted through to understand the areas that they were empathising in, and the way that they were doing it.

-       Two surveys will need to be created, one initially to understand the population, beyond the fact that 90% of them are without power. In order to create a legitimate business model we need to understand the ways that individuals currently use power and the ways they would like to, as well as financial and social issues surrounding day to day life.

-       Trekkers need to understand the community and the way that they interact with it, the energy team is stellar so I have full confidence that they will get around Malawi ASAP, but understanding the role Project Everest is playing in the community is something to always have in mind.

The empathy stage will heavily guide the way that the prototype is designed, and thus at this early stage of Project Everest operating in the energy sphere within Malawi it is necessary in order to guide the way forward for the project. In addition to this I would like to have the prototype up and running in the first couple of weeks of project. This would allow the team time to test the system and gather accurate data, allowing for further, better iterations, aided by the information gathered from the community.

 Looking forward to a stellar month with some incredible people!

Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

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