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What does Australia have a lot of?... Cows.

Don't believe it? Well the cattle population in Australia actually exceeds it's human population. There are some 27 million cows in Australia and it's no myth that cows produce methane gas, which of course contributes to harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Now if we were to ask what Fiji has a lot of then, there's no debating the sheer scale of natural resources in Fiji, of which there is an abundance of Paw Paw.


So why do we care about cows and Paw Paw? The production of methane in cows is due to the chemical processes in the stomach not properly breaking down proteins in the cows' food and thus giving the byproduct of methane gas. In humans at least, Paw Paw (or Papaya enzymes) are known to help with the breakdown and digestion of foods, so we can hypothesise that the same might be true for cows. If we were to conduct scientific research in Australia and confirm that Paw Paw does in fact reduce methane emissions in cattle, we would then likely be eligible for government and other funding for our research tackling climate change.


  • Bronze: Research with a small team in Australia to determine viability of venture. Resources of team, cows, specialised equipment, Paw Paw required to get statistically significant results.
  • Silver: Determination of business plan and process for production in Fiji and international export. Teams involved can begin work based off of the work of previous teams in Fiji. 
  • Gold: Integration within Project FarmEd incentivising farmers to produce more agricultural goods positively affecting issues of climate change. Thus, the same resources as FarmEd.

Could we turn this idea into a socially beneficially product/service? If we were to piggyback this initiative off of FarmEd Fiji, conduct research in Australia and then look to see how this initiative could properly be implemented in Fiji, then we could very well have a concept with numerous positive impacts on the lives of many. So while the end product of Paw Paw cow feed would not directly help 'Joe Farmer', neither would a tablet, or a coconut... This project would still value the education of farmers on proper farming practices however, would incentivise the harvesting of Paw Paw in an effort to have a meaningful affect on climate change.

edited on Aug 19, 2017 by Robert Stevenson
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