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HANDOVER Fuel Assessment Fiji July 2017

Georgie Scott
Georgie Scott | Aug 8, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

The final week of project was a massive week for the Fuel team. We smashed our monthly goal which was to test our MVP in a village. Despite our charcoal briquette prototype not being ready for testing in the villages, our rocket stove was a great success. To date, we still do not have an agreed upon name for Rocket Stove, but that is definitely underway.

Cookstove Prototype:

For our cookstove prototype, we were able to use spare parts found around town and a local handyman was able to do the assembly. After a few necessary in house tests such as water boiling and pineapple frying (scientifically endorsed of course!), we were ready to take the cookstove to the villages for feedback.

The villages visited last week for testing were Korolevu, Nawairabe, Wema and Nukuilau. Of these 4 villages, the first two the team had visited in week 1. We decided to split the visits between villages visited and those not visited so that we could build our rapport and further empathise with the villages we had not visited.

Did the villagers approve of our cookstove?

They LOVED it.

One insisted we leave the rocket stove with them while the other showed their interest in purchasing the rocket stove when it came to market - if only we could manufacture them faster.

Obviously, there were some suggestions to improve upon the rocket stove. On the whole, the villagers agreed that it produced less smoke and were quite surprised at how little firewood was required to boil water and cook cassava when they gave it a whirl.

Charcoal Briquettes:

Week 2 & 3 was also characterised by the production of charcoal briquettes in the backyard. We were unable to test our briquettes in the village as the team faced difficulties getting the briquettes to light and sustain a flame. Despite this temporary setback, the team is looking into alternate types of agricultural waste products that could be used as we see great potential in this pathway, particularly as a complement fuel to our cook stove.

Having returned from the village visits, both exhausted and energised, the fuel team is now in the nitty gritty of documentation, further testing of our prototypes (prepare the pineapple) and following up on key partners and contacts. We are all excited for what the future will bring for the fuel assessment project and are setting up the framework for the next team to pick up and go.

Written by the July Fuel team. 

Handover video:

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