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HANDOVER Energy Assessment Malawi July 2017

Andrew Vild
Andrew Vild | Aug 4, 2017 | in Knowledge Base


The energy assessment team in Malawi were the first Project Everest group working specifically on energy in the country. Much of the task consisted of developing an understanding of the current state of energy supply and distribution in Malawi. The potential for off grid technology must be investigated through practical research and surveying. Barriers for off-grid renewables must be identified before continuing into ideation.


The preliminary researched consisted of surveys predominantly. This primary source allowed for a direct insight into the problems faced by most of the Malawian population. The survey data displayed that 85% of the individuals surveyed had no access to electricity. This was fairly consistent with figures from other sources, such as the Ministry of Energy Affair’s website.


Establishing a network of stakeholders in the energy space within Malawi was a key task in allowing for potential collaboration. Major stakeholders that were engaged include Sunnymoney, The Polytechnic University of Malawi and WASHTED.


Working on developing and selling a more advanced prototype would be the obvious way forward. However, it would also be beneficial to explore other path ways such as financing or distribution.


The extended Handover Document, Appendix and Summarised Video are attached.

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