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HANDOVER Energy Assessment Cambodia July 2017

Rhys O'Brien
Rhys O'Brien | Jul 29, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

The Energy Assessment team of Cambodia had an intense month empathising with locals and hustling to ideate viable business solutions. As you’d expect, the energy issue in Cambodia is complex, with different regions of Cambodia facing different issues. We found that many regions have no access to the grid whatsoever, while others have reasonable electricity but are paying some of the highest fees in the world for it. So here are our proposals:

For the regions with no access to electricity from the grid, we looked into other businesses and products such as Gravity Light, Pollinate Energy and Litre of Light to help us ideate how we might provide affordable and safe solutions. Something common amongst our research and theirs was the clear need for affordable and safe lighting, as many people use kerosene lamps as lights. Enter SolarLight. This product aims to be a very simple photovoltaic system which charges a battery to power an LED. We believe that this could be made for $20-$25 USD and could have a powerful positive impact on these rural communities.

Our second proposal, PowerNow, targets those who are victim to the high price per kilowatt in Cambodia. We have found people paying USD$25 per month and only using a few TVs and fans when they are home. Our aim is to provide a new, sustainable source of energy to these households through PowerNow, which would be purchased on a payment plan and after the duration of the plan would become their own. We were thrilled at the end of our month as locals expressed interest in an opportunity such as this, and put forward that they would be willing to pay $50USD per month for two years ($1200!) if PowerNow was up and running.

We hope that in the future teams develop these ideas further by solidifying the calculations behind them and then start prototyping. We also think it would be of great value to get feedback from more locals in different areas of Cambodia to build upon our knowledge of the demand and interest around our products.

The July Cambodia team would love to open these proposals up to the community and hear your opinions, feedback and improvements because we are incredibly enthusiastic about these products and would love to see them implemented.

Please have a look at our attached handover for more details and information.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Ciaran Hoare Jul 30, 2017

RE: PowerNow, how is the battery charged? is it at a specific location or can the customer charge it through the grid normally and only access the power after paying?

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