Project Everest

Energy Assessment - Malawi

Energy is the foundation of all future projects in all of our countries if we strive to set up exponentially effective social enterprises.

Energy allows for light after dark, charging of phones, tablets, computers, the use of phones which in turn increases commerce opportunities and access to critical information in other fields of work; health, agriculture, education.

The data to date indicates that 85% of people in rural communities in the Nancholi region (our main area of operation) do not have access to electricity. The strongest consensus amongst the population was a desire for electric lighting, with lower but still popular desires for cooking and television.

With many NGOs and the existing government failing to effectively distribute energy across the country, the team will be aiming to understand better how income is used, the potential for basic solar setups and any training that will need to be associated with the use of equipment. 

Pat McGrath Jul 27, 2017

You guys have put in a good effort starting from scratch, especially cause there was so much to assess as the first team in Malawi. I'm not sure how much research you guys got to do, but we found an Indonesian based company called Sundaya that produced small scale solar lighting, charging, fans and TVs. The interesting thing about these products is that they ran as 12 volt appliances, meaning that no inverters were needed to produce usable power. The guy we spoke to yesterday said you could get a house kitted out with lights, fans and a TV for less than US$1000.
I don't know if this helps you guys at this stage of your assessment but it might be worth looking into down the line

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Andrew Vild Jul 27, 2017

The average daily budget/income of the people here is $0.80. So that is a massive barrier we are facing.

Having said that, you're definitely right in saying that DC is the way to go, as inverters are a pain and also expensive.

Ultimately, in the short term, we just need a way to provide light after dark and charge a phone.

The biggest challenges we face are over charging of batteries (such as a car battery for after dark) from the solar panel. So that will be the next hurdle.

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Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

Status label added: Customer Segment

This is massively undercooked. Needs details on customer archetypes.

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Ella Grier Jan 6, 2019

Status label removed: Customer Segment

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