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Edwina Jones
Edwina Jones | Jul 13, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Hey all,


After a recent, exciting pivot in the future direction of ERS, and the possibility of the project being split into two businesses. One half will be focused on the waste collection service, the other half will be repurposing the unsellable recyclables collected from the collection service.

After reading through previous projects interactions with locals and other NGOs, I discovered that the local Khmer’s culturally won’t purchase recycled goods. Therefore this leaves either selling our goods to the tourist market or finding other markets.

I thought about the internet market for recycled goods, through websites like Etsy. This could be the perfect market for the goods we create. This then means that we could sell our goods for an inflated price and make more profit. In terms of the cost shipping, this can be countered by charging our customers for shipping.


I also had another few ideas about the products that we create through this side of the business. My biggest stress is the need to upcycle rather than find the easiest way to recycle. If our market is moving from local to international, the products we make need to be sellable.

Here are some ideas in what I think could be sellable:


Let me know if you have any ideas or input into my ideas, would be really helpful with the future direction ERS.


Venture on!


Eddie Jones


Photo Credit: Green Living 4 Live, Importance of Recycling and Reusing Glass Bottles

Harry Nowland Jul 19, 2017

Hey Eddie,

I think you have some awesome ideas here!

In regards to upcycling/recycling certain materials to be sold on such websites as Etsy, a competitive advantage will need to be found to ensure the products will actually sell. This could be promoting the ethical method of production, low pricing, of premium quality, ergonomics etc. If you can set your products aside from the rest, this is definitely a feasible option!

I also really like the 3D printing idea, especially considering this form of printing is booming (and is only getting bigger). Our ERS team in Timor has found only one plastic recycler, who makes chairs. This proves the need of additional recyclers and recycling machinery in the contries of which we're working. Obviously the start up costs would be huge, but the future (monetary & environmental) benefit could/would be worth it.
Time to get some funding!

Venture on!

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Edwina Jones Jul 19, 2017

Thank you Harry :) The idea about promoting the ethical side of our business is something that will need to be used. It would be hard to find something that is actually going to sell, but if done well I imagine could be very profitable and solve our problem of not having an end goal for the waste collected.
Might have to start looking into Crowdfunding opportunities :) Congratulations with your success in Timor so far! Really proud of what you guys have been able to achieve! Little bit jealous we haven't got to that stage yet.
Thanks again :)

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Scott Chrystal Jul 20, 2017

Hi Eddie
Just today I was also thinking about whether beer bottles could be upcycled into drinking glasses. I'd like to have a go at the actual process of making them, have you tried? That's a bummer that the Khmer people aren't interested in recycled products, hopefully you can find an international market.

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Sam Swain Oct 30, 2017

Hey Eddie, I think this is a great use for glass - if you wanted to check out what's happening in Australia there was an expose by FourCorners regarding this - There is no real market for glass to be recycled in Australia, as it's economically more viable to import glass from SE Asia (Thailand I think) than sort and reprocess glass here.

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Darcy Connaghan Jul 2, 2018

Status labels added: Proposed Experiment, Work Update

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