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Everest Recycling Solutions: Blocks and New Direction

Lucas Kearney Walsh
Lucas Kearney Walsh | Jul 13, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Everest Recycling Solutions has faced a number of blocks with the progress of our project, but none larger than re-purposing the waste after it is collected. Over the project it has become clear that there is a very small market for re-purposing waste within Cambodia, and it is clear that it has already been taken up by locals selling to depots to make a profit. This will require our business model to significantly pivot to doing what the older Plastics for Purpose teams were doing, re-purposing Waste.

The predecessors of Everest Recycling Solutions were concerned mainly with doing things with waste, explicitly plastic, although they ran into a significant block, there was no waste collection service within Cambodia to allow them to repurpose waste. Without the materials required to design the product it they were at a dead end. The solution that the teams created was that a Waste Collection Service needed to be established within Cambodia and that this company would sell the waste off to other companies.

A waste collection service has been prototyped by our team, with a rather large amount of success. Our team understands the logistics of collecting waste and the needs of the communities that it intends to service. The response within the community of Puok and Smiling Hearts Association for Children has been overwhelmingly positive. When focusing on the Waste Collection side of ERS the only blocks that have been run into are of a financial nature related to charging and break even points, which in previous posts may have been predicted generously. Overall though Waste Collection is reaching the point of being proved as viable by our team within Cambodia.

The other aspect of our business through, reselling waste to companies to gain a profit, has been a struggle. Within Cambodia there is already an active resale business with local recycling depots and adjays, a company that collects recyclable waste. These organizations have their flaws as they only deal with near perfect condition waste, bottles that are unbent, cans that are uncracked and it all must be perfectly clean. This still leaves a large amount of waste that is unable to re-purposed and is generally buried or burned.

Now it may look as though this waste can be collected and sold off, but there is no marketplace within Cambodia for this type of waste and internationally it would require large scale that cannot be attained for years and many companies that require these products can get them for free, as seen by our team with a recent meeting with NagaEarth, thus forcing our business into losses in the immediate future. Essentially this has required a redirection of our project as this aspect has proved nonviable.

Our Team has created a solution to this problem. As there is no marketplace for recyclables within Cambodia, we will need to create products that people want. Essentially this will cause our team to redirect from being the middleman between villagers and waste purchasers, to becoming an innovator of creative products. Of course this alters our project massively pushing our team back to an ideating phase.

The new direction also has major Blocks that could prevent our progress. Creating products out of waste could be difficult to make people want these products. Also as we have seen with other companies, it can be cheaper for them to use off cuts from production companies that create plastic products than to re purpose waste. Although if this new direction is executed correctly it could allow for this project to become successful and get around the very significant block within our current project of no demand for waste.

Lucas Walsh

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