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Supply and Demand

As part of our recent development with the Ranadi Plantation and the Earth Care Agency, we have been given access to a comprehensive value chain that has been compiled in order to bring together key players in the organic farming industry in Fiji.

FarmEd is a key player in this value chain. The proposal- FarmEd will roll out:

1. A tried and tested permaculture blueprint for a 1 acre farm that can yield 100kg of crop PER DAY.

2. The FarmEd application with the ability to track data, store data and compute relevant recommendations to the farmer to ensure compliance and access to up to date farming methods.

The overall concept of the proposed chain is to ultimately begin to meet the exorbitant demand for organic produce. By encouraging farmers to come together under a Grower Group, we can ensure supply, certification, alleviation of market volitility, compliance and consistency of produce.

Utilisation of the permaculture blueprint will enable farmers to diversify their crop to meet the current demand, providing consistent income 12 months of the year as opposed to the current 2-3.

We are currently working with the Ranadi Plantation and The Earth Care Agency in rolling out the initiative over the next 12 months. Updates to follow and a copy of the value chain attached.

Please note that the permaculture blueprint was designed and developed by Lokyam Agri Products and Foods in India.

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Jimmy Bayssari Jul 12, 2017

Status changed to IDEA - Time to vote!

Andrew Vild Jul 26, 2017

I am not clear on what you are asking us to vote on here. Do you want input on whether you should move forward with this, or is it more of an update?

Jimmy Bayssari Jul 27, 2017

That auto-posts apparently when you submit as ideas.

There is definitely not a question or required input of whether or not to move forward, as it makes total sense given the opportunity to break into an already established supply chain.