Project Everest

A one stop solution for famers


Just a week into FarmEd in Fiji, our team has seen lots of successes but just as many ideas and questions on the path to proceed on.

From our first day in the Sigatoka Valley with the farmers we realised that more than the data, we had to find ways to analyze it to turn it into a tangible product for the farmers. So here’s a flowchart that follows our ideas on reaching the end goal.

Pests, diseases and pesticides 

  • Use the data collected (drone, soil pH, texture of soil, diseases on plants, other problems in farms) and analyze to form a list of top 10 diseases
  • After identifying the diseases, we find the best solutions that can be a fit and the pesticides that can be recommended
  • All these photos of the diseases are then uploaded into a storage program (Azure) then into an artificial intelligence platform (LUIS).
  • This artificial intelligence platform is then taught how to identify the disease and give the solution to it, along with information on pesticides to go along with it.

Drone Data

  • Drone Deploy is used to determine maps of plant health, plant count and elevation
  •  Plant health – this map can be used to determine which area is covered in parasites/fungus
  • Plant count will be used to determine how sparsely the growth has been spread out
  • The elevation can be used to determine which type of crops should be planted in which locations depending on their water consumption and shade requirements

Combining these two different types of analysis into an app that can be a one stop solution for the farmers is the ultimate goal we have for FarmEd. We would love to hear from anyone who has any form of inputs or thoughts on our ideas. Please leave a comment below on your opinions on our approach!!! Thank you!

edited on Jul 10, 2017 by Sugi Jayakumar

Georgie Scott Jul 10, 2017

Team I would be interested in seeing a post relating more specifically to the work you have been doing with artificial intelligence and how you are planning to tackle the question of "what kind of AI platform could we use to analyse the photos and drone data?". Keep up the hustle.

Tiaan Stals Jul 10, 2017

Hi Georgie, its in the works and should be up by the end of tomorrow!