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Plan of attack

Kai Faulkner
Kai Faulkner | Jul 5, 2017 | in Agriculture Assessment

There are clearly many ways of tackling this enormous challenge space. Particularly as we look at the Empathise stage of design thinking. I think empathise is a bit of a misunderstood term and it is not all about simply talking to people and finding problems so that we can define a problem. It is more a point of developing a level of understanding so that you may develop a solution that delivers on the social purpose and impact.

So in this case I believe the perfect place to start is with FarmEd. In Fiji, it is now at the stage of being proven that the concept behind FarmEd works (in that context). Can it work in Vietnam? or any of our other operating zones for that matter. As far as I see it we start there, conducting experiments using certain aspects of the FarmEd system. This effect of this will be two-fold.

1. We will gain a much more focused understanding of the Vietnamese agricultural space

2. We will be able to identify if the system works in Vietnam, and if it does't, which parts, why not, and how can we alter those so that they do effectively operate in Vietnam.

Some experiments we may conduct include conducting soil tests, determining crop rotations and identifying water supply and from there finding out at what stage those farms are at and if our consultancy would lift their yields.

We will start to gain traction from this point as we make contacts in the areas of operation and from there we are positioning ourselves well for those chance encounters that result in amazing things.


Overall, this approach allows for use of developed concepts and means that we wil remain agile in our work, making changes on the fly based on hard evidence from tests.

Nicholas Kerr Jul 11, 2017

I think FarmEd concept testing is a great adaptation and 'wheel reinvention' mitigation. I'd suggest keeping an eye out for pre-existing agricultural consultancy or education to help assist with existing problems, solutions and best practices.


Amber Johnston 11 months ago

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