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Alessandro Gabrielli
Alessandro Gabrielli | Feb 24, 2017 | in Knowledge Base



The final few days of project have sneaked up on us. After spending a month in Dili, Timor-Leste it’s time to enjoy our last few “Avocado and Icecreams” from Peace Coffee and do a review and recap on the month that was.


Our month began with an in depth handover from the January team. After reading (and re-reading) the documents we were full of ideas and keen to start work. We quickly deduced that there was a potential market for an intermediary segregation and collection business between various local businesses and recycling companies. This kick started many group design thinking activities and brainstorming sessions to help develop our business plan. Before long, our scope became too broad to be achievable and we were advised to go deeper instead of wider. This prompted a pivot of approach by Everest Waste Solutions’ (EWS) towards focusing on large local businesses. This is due to their increased profitability over their smaller scale counterparts as they are associated with larger amounts of recyclable materials and reduced overhead costs.


While this new business model came into fruition, several key aspects became noticed. Firstly, Timor-Leste is a very difficult country to start a business in (Ranked #175 out of 190 in 2017 by the World Bank) due to the extremely high cost of land/rent. Secondly, for large scale segregation to be performed, a very detailed financial plan needed to be developed to ensure the long term financial security of the business. Finally, there is minimal logistical information regarding companies, real estate and other key factors in Timor-Leste. As a result of this, word-of-mouth is the only way to achieve results in a timely manner.


Within the last month, we have developed a vigorous analysis of the waste management market and truly defined the role of EWS. Throughout this, EWS have developed countless professional relationships with key stakeholders and government bodies in Dili and some surrounding areas. Furthermore, several contacts with locals who are simply keen to help have also been established. The insight and connections of these contacts have proved to be invaluable in keeping up with the word-of-mouth way of doing business. All of these successes were key to finalising the business plan while successfully implementing a methodology that will allow for EWS to pivot as required.

For those playing at home, more information about Everest Waste Solutions can be found here:

We hope that the future teams will make large steps towards developing and refining a MVP through the use of the business model and contacts we have developed.


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Alessandro Gabrielli Feb 24, 2017

Dili, Aka pun city

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William Ashford Mar 4, 2017

Phenomenal work guys, this is truly excellent progress.

The future is looking bright for the EWS venture.

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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

Status changed to Previous Work

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