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The 411 on FarmEd Cambodia Feb 17

Ada Yin
Ada Yin | Feb 23, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Month Summary of Cambodia’s February FarmEd Team:

February’s Cambodia FarmEd team has had a great month based in Siem Reap! We had big goals going into the month and are happy with our achievements coming out of it.

This month we’ve been working thoroughly on a database as a foundation for teams to write consultancy reports. We completed our first sample consultancy report this month for high income farmer Sela Chham. We hope the following teams continue this work. We have produced a consultancy report questionnaire and guide to provide teams with the processes involved in completing a consultancy report to hopefully allow them to bring in the initial revenue for FarmEd Cambodia.     

The application has been a work in progress this month with the team enhancing the prototype to make it more streamlined and to increase interface usability. If you're curious and would like to take a look click : 



The business and marketing plans have been updated and a 5 year financial plan was constructed this month to provide better insight into the future budgets, revenue streams and costings. The break-even analysis showed potential times where external funding may be required. The following teams can develop this to find a more accurate time-line in the 5 year plan to implement funding options, and will need to continue to update the financial plan and ensure it is in line with project growth and development.


While we have had great success we did face some challenges along the way. The sheer time constraints of the project meant we couldn’t reach some more ambitious goals. We had planned to set up a demonstration plot as evidence for farmers of product success but couldn’t complete this within the month especially with no team coming in straight after us.

Cultural barriers such as language was also a challenge with organisations like MoA and lower income farmers. We did have great help from some wonderful student translators Sonita and Viseth who were more than willing to assist us.

Another barrier was the lack of confidence to produce consultancy reports with our limited professional experience. We worked hard to produce our first report and gained some useful feedback from Fiji FarmEd team to maximise its quality. It is important for the next teams to remember the information we can provide is still valuable despite the fact you may not be agronomists.

The next teams are in a great position to start to bring revenue for FarmEd. We believe any consultancy should be followed up and used as case studies. A demonstration plot, if practical, can be set up at LMRC or by creating instructional videos from knowledgeable farmers such as Sela. These will be a great help in overcoming risk aversion and promoting the use of our product.   

The database is at a good stage to use as the basis of consultancy reports but more professional relationships in the field such as Dr Tan and his USYD research team will be extremely beneficial to legitimise and verify our information.     

We hope the next team have a positive month of developing both relationships in the community and the products themselves. All the best of luck to the next trekkers !


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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

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