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Response to Corey's Post (P4P Timor)

Jeremy Culas
Jeremy Culas | Feb 20, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Reply to Corey:

The Industry meeting:

As some stakeholders are not on good terms, and we are potentially developing a social business which involves more than one existing stakeholder, which would essentially outline our business model to them if they all met together, we felt our time would be better utilised in meeting them personally

The UNDP Pilot program:

Last week we had a meeting with a member of UNDP Vikram who actually designed and is running the UNDP pilot program and he told us that it is starting this week. He also was going to see if he could integrate us into the program, to what capacity we will work out our next meeting with him, also he wants to place us in his incubator hub so that we can work directly with Timorese entrepreneurs which we believe is vital for any Project Everest businesses succeeding here in Timor for an array of reasons.


Education Plan and Waste management for Timor Plaza:

Education plan for Timor Plaza: Should be happening this week, this has not been a large priority for us as our business is not ready to take on their waste and Timor Plaza do not have the necessary bins yet to recycle. However, we were still going to run the recycling presentation to all the tenants of Timor Plaza along with information packages so that when our business is large enough to take their waste, Timor Plaza’s residents and business will know how to recycle and will have the appropriate bins which the Plaza have already begun to organise. With their waste management area, Timor Plaza has expressed their interest in us working with them however they have already developed some of the plans such as the bins and in the future, we will work with them to further develop their plan and then integrate their waste into our business.

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Corey Middleton Feb 20, 2017

Thanks for that update Jeremy. Only thing I might add is that the education presentation might be useless without the appropriate bins ready for tenants to interact with. I imagine it would be pointless trying to teach them a new concept with which they have no means of interacting. Maybe waiting until the bins and the system is ready at the plaza would yield better results as tenants could immediately interact with what they

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Corey Middleton Feb 20, 2017

Have been taught. Just as a thought *

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Jeremy Culas Feb 20, 2017

That's good insight Corey, we've already really thought about this that's why the presentation has not been a big priority, it's just that the Plaza expressed that they really want us to do the presentation before we leave and in order to keep good faith as they will be one of our major business partners we are going to fulfil their request and do the presentation even though we probably should do another one once we integrate Plaza into our business.

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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

Status changed to Previous Work

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