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Linda Truong
Linda Truong | Feb 2, 2017 | in Knowledge Base

Everest Waste Solutions (EWS) will be implementing a sorting facility and transportation system for recyclable materials to connect local businesses to established recycling companies. The sorting facility will ensure products are not contaminated with other types of rubbish to enable efficient recycling. Each type of material will then be transported to a local recycling business in need of the product.

Everest Waste Solutions will offer the following services:

  • Education and training in recycling practices
  • Separate bins to store recyclable goods
  • A convenient and efficient collection system

We are currently in talks with Timor Plaza, who are interested to start immediately. They are requesting a training session to teach their tenants on recycling practices. We've also been in talks with local bars and restaurants e.g. Castaway, Rolls n bowls, Esplanada, to get a gauge on their waste management techniques. After talking with local business' we believe our business can successfully be integrated into these businesses, and they are happy to work with us.

We have also talked with and found a truck driver, reasonably priced, and is happy to make pickups for our business. 

We have talked with recycling companies and they have expressed they would like to work with us, as they require more materials. 

We are now looking into sourcing bins and a warehouse for daily operations, and finalising finances and the business model

Thomas Churchin Feb 2, 2017

I definitely like the direction you guys are taking this so far. The collection is definitely a big issue and I think tackling it with the education is very important to the overall success of the project. I do think it's important to remember scale early on, and definitely don't over-extend the business to the extent that Hopesellers/Greenhope did. Apart from that, definitely an excellent place to fit into the waste management sector, hope to see more updates soon.

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Ciaran Hoare Feb 3, 2017

Thom can you give more detail how you think Hope Seller over extended their operations?

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Thomas Churchin Feb 7, 2017

From what I can recall, their main problem was that they struggled to get a proper collection of plastic, since they tried to move to far too many areas too quickly. They were collecting plastic waste in little cages, which were not being filled, since they promised that money would be going towards people, but this didn't happen since they couldn't get the collection. Furthermore, their warehouse was a big expenditure, and they didn't have a need for it since their operation was too small. There may have been other factors but that's what I remember.

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Corey Middleton Feb 10, 2017

Hopesellers overpromised and underdelivered. The communities instantly lost interest when they realised that hopesellers couldn't deliver. Star product was looking overseas for waste to recycle; indicating that he isn't about to waste time on a company that can't deliver what they are promising. I too think the idea is solid, but Timor is a tricky place to operate anything in a smooth manner and I would be ensuring that the reliability, capability and efficiency of the business (including the truck and truck driver) are of such a standard that you can deliver on any promise that might be made

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Corey Middleton Feb 10, 2017

I'm sorry if that post is difficult to understand or doesn't convey an idea properly, Crowdicity doesn't function well on mobile and I can't look back at what I am typing. (I'm away from my laptop)

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Amber Johnston Jun 20, 2017

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