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I am still stuck, just give me a tool to do this.

Jessica Stephanie Arvela
Jessica Stephanie Arvela | Jan 27, 2017 | in Ideas Box

An Impact Assessment is: ‘Evaluating the positive and negative, primary and secondary long-term effects on final beneficiaries that result from a development intervention; assessing the direct and indirect causal contribution claims of these interventions to such effects especially for the poor whether intended or unintended”


Tool for finding metrics that are suitable [This is a suitable activity for all teams to complete - it is not a task or activity tool - it’s more of a whole Project tool - you will need to sign up and walk through the online process of entering Project information to receive feedback of potential impact. This is not a flawless system as it is generated rather than intuitive for human related experiences.]:


Theory to understand and assess potential impact ‘through theory of change’ which maps long term goals (the business) and then walks backwards to understand what preconditions there are to success. These preconditions will end up being short term goals with causal links - so not definitive but probable.


See Wiki Page for great summary of Theory of Change. Which is a potential tool for all three Projects:

Extended explanation of the ‘theory of change’ tool through UNICEF:



Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Evidence Gap Map - this is great for proving the need and finding what elements are most in need, you are able to justify the business, as well as use it for marketing when you are at that stage of the business model. It can also be used after AWG use for period of time to illustrate impact of product.


Guide for an Impact Assessment for ‘Products’



Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.54.54 pm.png


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.55.47 pm.png

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Hey Jess!
Was just wondering, did you think potentially displaying impacts and actions on a tree map would be a good way of getting across the impact assessment of the project to all trekkers?
I explained the tree diagram to my trekkers about impacts and how they are and that seemed to have gotten them onboard and keen about measuring our impacts in FarmEd!

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Jessica Stephanie Arvela Feb 3, 2017

That's exactly how ToC directs you to think about impact assessing - so yes, a massive help in visualising and imagining the future business and consequent touch points. The teams in Timor have had huge success in using the McKinsey Society tool too.

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Andrew Vild Jul 24, 2017

Hey Soni, this is what I was talking about.

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Soni Lawson Jul 24, 2017

Thankyou Andrew, this was very helpful

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MarcusMLance 5 months ago

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anke 5 months ago

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